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STORY TIME: There is Mildew on my Makeup Sponge!

By: LatinaChika

Welcome back to another STORY TIME!

I was thinking of what I wish I had known prior to trying to work with new make up methods and tools. The beauty blender is one of those tools.

When I was a teen, beauty blenders were not around. It was not until I graduated from college that I started to see beauty blenders and once Ross sold a cheap version, I tried one along with a contouring palette and highlighter pallette with a feather tool.

I started my journey all wrong. I mentioned it in my previous blogs, I was guilty of not applying water to the sponge prior to use! What a shame because I used it a lot. Ironically, I had no complaints! I was a believer of a tool I was using all wrong! It’s funny, but sad because the tool and my face took it with stride.

Finally, one day, I watched a tutorial where the make up artist was blending and giving tips on best techniques for applying foundation with a blender. My world was shook when they made fun of a friend who had not wet their sponge before application… oh my, that’s me!!!!!!

I had cleaned the sponge in the sink regularly with a soap bar, SheaMoisture African Soap. But, I had noticed a dark small spot at the bottom of my blender. I noticed it early on but thought my black soap had stained it. I continued to use my blender and, this time, wet!

I noticed the stain a few more times during wash and tried my best to clean it off. Eventually, I looked at it so hard that I noticed it kind of had a crystal like texture on top of that area. That is when I went to search online for an answer… I was mortified when I found the answer…

I had been pounding mildew on my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The absolute horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think back to all the acne I was getting and realized that it may have easily been due to the blenders condition… I was mortified…

I quickly threw the blender away. I wish I had taken a photo, but the one I am using is pretty close.

I wanted to share this story because I hope it helps someone else. I spent quite a bit of money buying proper containers for them to dry and travel. I highly recommend the Beauty Blender Defender. It has holes to breathe and it can hold 2 make up sponges at least (depending on the sizes and shapes you own). I am really happy I found this product because I use it to store my blenders every day as they dry after cleaning. I might buy another one in the future because I have an extra beauty blender that did not fit.



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