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Our Journey Begins♡

Thank you for joining me!

I am starting this blog because I noticed there is still a lot that can be said about Latinas and the make up we are using and the reason behind all our tricks and tips for each other!

I wanted to start a blog where I can hopefully bring different individuals who have helped me in this journey that is make up, but I quickly discovered that make up is like any other form of art (if you believe me) which is inspired by everything around it including culture, history, politics, and even the music industry. So I decided to start writing my thoughts because, why not? Right? Well, wrong. I am nervous about what comes comes next but hopeful it will help people.

But that is not why I am doing this. I am doing this because I, like many other Latinas, have been looking for advice on make up and it is still a bit hard to filter through all the available information online without feeling overwhelmed and lost.

I am a Latina that has medium tan skin.. at least that is what make up seems to have categorized the products that work best for me in. It took me a few years to really grasp the idea of finding a shade that is to your own tone because I kept getting shades that were either darker than my own or much lighter than my own. I was that person that in pictures you would spot a major difference between their face and neck/chest area.

Recently, I went to the infamous ULTA store and had a worker show me the healthy make up they had. I had been using MAC powder, NW40, for so long because that was the first foundation I ever used and my mother bought it for me when I was a teen. I stayed loyal to that number for all my 20s until a friend of mine forced me to try liquid foundation and a new brand.

We decided to ask the only Latina in the store, who happen to have a lighter shade of skin than my own, for help. I only point this out because I want to be clear we chose her, yes, because she was Latina but not because I thought she matched my skin color which would result in the ackward question, “What do you use?” Especially when they are working at a beauty store that may not carry that product and that may be an issue for them if a supervisor hears. I am always aware of the scrutiny women of color go through as workers in a store that seems reasonably expensive and certain customers expect a certain type of customer service. I shall leave it at that for now because I promise you this topic will come back over and over again.

Anyway, my ULTA experience was a positive one because she found me a product that was not suppose to be too thick called HELLO FLAWLESS. One issue I had for MAC powder was how thick it was, although, the coverage was always 100% appreciated. We tried three shades on my face and I chose the one I felt matched me the best. Then, she applied half of my face with it and half with a shade that was the next closest to my skin color. We examined it in the mirror and I noticed my skin looked really great. I bought the TOASTED BEIGE shade and have been buying it for a few years now. I also bought the powder that goes with it, but rarely used it for anything but setting the powder. It is also important I mention I tried tinted moisturizers as well and became a fan of BALM SHELTER with SPF18 in the MEDIUM/DARK shade. It did not cover as much as I wanted, but it was great for those days I had no time for make up and needed some kind of coverage. I still have it at hand for those days!

What I was most appreciative about this beautician was that she was honest when she told me she could tell my skin gets red. I had never been told that at MAC when I had my make up done in the past years, so when she said it, I looked in the mirror and saw what she saw. My ignorance was that I thought redness was an issue for white girls or light skinned women, but, not me. Well, I was absolutely wrong. I now apply my make up aware that my skin is going to turn red at the touch of my fingers/brushes/blender applying anything to my face. Before, I probably would have layered more make up. Now, I wait a few minutes before I do anything to my face to make sure I am not applying make up based on redness that will not be there all the time.

I am still looking for something to hide the redness. I saw a cream recently. called Bye Bye Redness on both Ulta and Sephora online, but, again, the amount of reviews from women with my skin color are few or missing. Some helpful tips light skinned make up bloggers have pointed out is the lack of diversity in the shades available for this product. Story of our lives, right?

That is why my blogging journey actually begins with the most famous make up brand out there right now that has received amazing reviews from PRIMARILY women of color which is Rihanna’s FENTY BEAUTY. I want to be quite honest that this product is quite expensive and her products do add up to quite a hefty bill. For me, a person who was willing to buy MAC, I was willing to try anything that was worth the price I was paying.

To be honest, I come from a working class background and I should probably not be buying this make up. I should probably stick to the drug store make up and continue to do research online on the best ones for my skin tone… but, honestly, I feel I deserve better now that I am in my 30s. As my skin begins to change and things on my face begin to challenge my self esteem, I have decided to spend the money if I can and enjoy the product if it is great! If it is not, send it back! Send it back! Send it back! We live in an era where sending back is a selling point for companies, including FENTY BEAUTY.

So, two weeks ago I finally had some extra money to buy something for myself. So I decided to try out what has becoming one of the most hyped up make up line FENTY BEAUTY. But what makes this line so unique is the amount of positive feedback Rihanna has received from women of color which only made me want to try this that much more!

I will be reviewing her products for the next few months. I promise you these are real experiences and I am not getting paid by anyone to hype anything up or throw in name brands. I personally tell you what I use because I, like many of you, looked at famous make up bloggers tools and bought them if I saw them constantly with different people. I try to stay away from Amazon reviews and those on the online sites because I am aware that there is people who make a living writing positive reviews. Good for them, but it makes it that much harder for me to find a product that is actually good. So that is how I ended up with the tools I have and the products I use. If I do not like them, I send them back and make note of it.

That being said, I want to thank you for reading my blog and I hope it helps!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton




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  1. I need to get color matched too honestly , I’ve still been using the same Neutragena powder but I feel like there is a truer shade out there for me . I think I’m more of an olive but when I lived in a more prodeminately white state they always tried to push darker shades that made me look orange . Or maybe that was just oxidation . Not really sure .

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    • This foundation does oxidize but I dont ever feel yellow 🙂 I would highly recommend trying their shades, even if just for fun at Sephora 🙂 I also can vouch for the concealer!

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