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TIPS AND TRICKS: Best and Cheapest Eyelash Curler

By: LatinaChika

Welcome back to another “Tips and Tricks“!

Today, I wanted to share the eyelash curler that has worked best for me because I do not spend a lot on it!

Honestly, I buy the eyelash curlers at any 99 cent store, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, or any discount store in my area. My only concern is that the eyelash curler looks like the ones pictured.

I will then go home and slowly curl my eyelashes WITHOUT mascara for a trial run.

Having been the victim of an eyelash curler that cut through my eyelashes, I know I should first try the curler without mascara to make sure it doesn’t apply too much pressure to my lashes and rip them off.

A little about my relationship with eyelash related products. I have semi-long eyelashes and I have a good amount of them. I normally use fake eyelashes for special occasions. I am not loyal to the fake eyelash game. For me, I come up with various other things to spend the money on rather than fake eyelashes. If I really wanted them, I would come up with nothing better to spend my money on, I promise you.

The eyelash curler is my best friend on a daily basis for that reason. Sometimes I don’t even apply mascara, it is just something I like to do.

Knowing this, I use to buy expensive eyelash curlers until a relative gave me one of these eyelash curlers. I loved how they shaped my lashes and it did it in ONE go!

When I asked them where they got it from, they laughed and told me the discount store around the corner from their house. I quickly realized they were popular in these smaller stores.Since then, I have been hooked and pay no more than 5 dollars (Amazon’s price) for them.

Call me crazy, but these curlers work for me and they have never let me down!

Of course, give them a test run first without mascara to make sure they will not break them off with the mascara on.

Honestly, the one time I had my eyelash cut by the eyelash curler was from an old Revlon eyelash curler I had and had to use when I could not find mine. Maybe it was due to age, but it completely went past my limit and pulled all of my eyelashes off. It was maybe a year old eyelash curler and clean. It was a sad day for me…I stopped curling my eyelashes for a while until my lashes could make a come back.

It took months and it took me a year or so before I bought a new eyelash curler and mascara. I was scared, but I missed curled lashes and I did not want to join the fake lash game because of it.Instead, here we are, years later, and I am recommending you a cheap eyelash curler … how time changes a person, right?

You do not always have to spend so much. For some reason, my eyelash curler has done wonders under $5!



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