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By: LatinaChika

Welcome back to my FENTY BEAUTY JOURNEY!

I am so excited to report that I am loving my 330 liquid foundation and 330 concealer from FENTY BEAUTY!!!


I was not sure if buying the same number concealer as my foundation was really going to cover and brighten the area under my eyes. So, I was quite nervous today to just use these products and not what I am use to. These are the moments in which I am most reminded that make up is absolutely like art because you have to take chances and make mistakes to get where you are going. So, I had to be brave today and I was not disappointed. There is room for improvement, but I will get to that later.

First, if you did not read my previous post on my first week of trying out FENTY BEAUTY, that is okay. I just wanted to warn you that I do refer to my previous posts a lot and I hope you do not feel it is forcing you to read more than you may want to today. So please don’t and just relax and enjoy this read…

This week I decided to really commit to my trial of FENTY BEAUTY products and used only these products without adding to it any of my regularly used make up products. Instead, I stayed committed to my FENTY liquid foundation, liquid concealer, and setting powder in the shade of HONEY. I do not have any make up tools from this line (yet!), so I will be applying these products using non-FENTY BEAUTY make up tools.

As a side note, today I did not have such a long a day at work so I did not get the chance to use my FENTY BEAUTY BLOTTING POWDER. I plan to use it in the next few days when my work hours are longer and I am on the move. I also live in a sunny state, so it has been a bit warm and I tend to sweat, especially on my brows and mustache line… I hate that! I have never used blotting powder and I am not sure if anyone else carries this product, I just fell in love with the concept when I was doing research about the comestic line itself. I am a fan of blotting paper, but I realized they may be causing me to break out. So, blotting powder seems like a good alternative and why not from FENTY COMESTICS, right? So, I will be reviewing this product in the upcoming weeks as well. I am actually quite excited to see how it turns out. If it causes the same issue, I am being honest, I will be buying her blotting paper dispenser! It is beautiful! I had to refrain myself from buying both!


So this week, I decided, unlike the last week, to apply the foundation with my new ECO TOOLS blenders. I bought the double pack below and used the green bigger one for my foundation and the yellowish-green mini one for my concealer. I normally use the silicone applicator for concealer, but I wanted to try the mini blender this week. I have never used the mini sponges, so I am looking forward to seeing the results. If I like it better than my pink pointy end L’OREAL make up sponge that I absolutely love, then I might pick up FENTY mini makeup sponges real soon!

By the way, I love my L’OREAL pink pointy blender because it is so soft!!! I cannot stress how soft it feels. I love using it for concealer since our eye area is so sensitive there. Normally, I would use the applicator that comes with the concealers to line my under eyes. Then, I use the silicone applicator to keep it in place but smooth it out into my face a bit. Then, I finish by using my L’OREAL blender to blend it fully out and make the transition natural between my concealer and my blush/highlighter/contour line. I hope this makes sense and helps!

I must be honest, I was totally looking to buy the FENTY BEAUTY blenders, but the ECO TOOLS blenders were on sale on Amazon recently and I could not pass it up! I have really wanted to try a mini sponge and this particular sale came with one, as you can see on the picture. But I eventually want to purchase the minis from FENTY BEAUTY. I am intrigued by the new dimensions they have added to their blenders which you can see below:


I want to share my process of application, but I also think it is important I share my routine prior to make up application.

I wash my face first with the MARIO BADESCU ENZYME CLEANSING GEL. I have been obsessing lately on MARIO BADESCU products. I promise to give my review of products soon. There is great products from that company!

Then, I apply the MARIO BADESCU OIL FREE MOISTURIZER with SPF30. I did mention I live in a sunny state and my job has me walking from different buildings all day, so me and the sun are friends.

After that, I apply the ANEW PLATINUM eye and lip cream. It has an applicator with a steel tip that I use and clean right after. It seems to do fine, but this was a present from my mother, so I do plan to look at other eye creams in the future when this one is done. I just started the product a few weeks ago, so I cannot review it yet confidently.

By then, my moisturizer has dried and I move onto my L’OREAL PARIS MAGIC PERFECTING BASE. I love this stuff! My only concern is that it does leave a white tone on my face, BUT my liquid foundations covers it up just fine every time. If I could recommend Rihanna and the FENTY COSMETICS team the next product they should work on, I would say make a primer for women of color!!! I would also request a primer that can cancel out redness for women of color… a girl can dream…

Then, I pumped the FENTY foundation on my green WET makeup blender and applied slowly from one side of my face to the other. I take my time and make sure I am covering everything. Some people go as far as to put foundation on their lips. I normally put a little primer, but I recently purchased the MAC LIP PRIMER, so I stopped doing that about a week ago.

After applying my foundation, I use my MORPHE brow palette # 8 with my off brand eyebrow brush and spoolie in one. I currently have the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS brow brush in my Sephora online cart (that online cart that may or may not happen for me). If you think there is a better brush than that, please contact me or leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

I do my brows after foundation because I use to do my eyebrows first and would get some of the brow color on my blender and then would blend it onto my forehead! Call me messy, call me uncoordinated, all I know is that I am not good at that particular process of application. I have seen so many makeup gurus stress the importance of brows being first, and I tried, but it just did not end well for me…

Then, I move to concealer. Again, some people might be cringing because there is a preference to put concealer on before foundation. Honestly, this process for me works and it seems to get great feedback and that is the end goal. We may not all get there the same way, but we all help each other get there in some way!

My concealer goes under my eyes, my nose line and tip, my smile lines, and above/under my lips in the dark areas. I am still uneasy to use the FENTY CONCEALER to shape my eyebrows because I absolutely love how my LA GIRL yellow corrector works on shaping them and erasing my small eyebrow hairs that are growing back. But, in the next few days, I will be trying the FENTY CONCEALER instead of the corrector. Wish me luck!

After the concealer is applied with it’s own applicator, I blend it out with my silicone applicator. I keep it in place and try not to blend it out with the silicone applicator. I like to use it to keep it in place and push into my skin more. After a minute or so, I use my new small yellowish-green mini ECO TOOLS makeup sponge to blend out the concealer more naturally.

But, again, this time around I only used the mini blender for concealer and did not use the silicone applicator.

Then, I applied the FENTY BEAUTY setting powder in HONEY shade. I applied it on my concealer and on my jawline to bake. I am still learning how to use setting powders, so I am trying to get an idea of what it does for my face and what method works for better for me. I really want to learn to perfect baking, that is why I bought this powder. I read online it was good for that, if it is not, please someone save me from my mistake!

After applying the setting powder to bake, I move into contouring. I saw that makeup artists love that baking powder can brush off with the excess powder from contouring and highlighting, which sounds like a super useful makeup trick! I applied my SLEEK FACE FORM CONTOURING AND BLUSH PALETTE in MEDIUM. I am very careful with this product because if I use too much, my face breaks out in those areas. I am very careful and use only what I need. In the long run, I think it is good because I will not fall victim to a cakey face! … or so I hope!

I apply the darkest shade for contour to the middle of my cheek, to my jawline, and around the tops of my forehead. After that, I apply the bronzer right above that line and blend it upward. I use the brushes below to contour, I love using these types of brushes for contouring. The blending they do form contouring is perfect for me. And after I apply the powder in the place, I blend them out with my two ECO TOOLS blenders. I use the larger one for the full face and the smaller one for my nose and under my eye.

Then, I add blush to my cheeks in a very small area with a brush from above. Then, I blend it out with my blender.

My makeup blenders are my new best friends, I want to be clear I use them the most. But, I do take advantage of all of my makeup brushes (which are many!).

After that, I do my eyeshadow and eyeliner. I like natural/neutral colors for work. For special occasions, I love dark eyeshadows and creating more smokey looks. I apply my eyeshadow with a brush of my choice and then, yes, my blender comes back and blends it out. I normally apply two to three layers of eyeshadow and blend in-between. I recently purchased the URBAN DECAY EYESHADOW PRIMER, but I have yet to try it out. Lastly, I curl my eyelashes and add mascara.

Once I am done with my eyes, all that is left is my lipstick and that just depends on the color of my clothes. If they are bright, I love applying gloss. If it is a dark color, I love matte lipsticks. It just depends. Like I said, I just started using the MAC LIP PRIMER, so I cannot say much about it yet except it is nourishing to my lips when I apply it. I also brush off the setting powder at this point of the routine.

I also would like to share that I use LUSH LIP SCRUBS before applying my makeup and washing my face. I love their bubblegum flavor and the best part is you can eat it when done! Yummy! Although, some of you are thinking… “Eww you are eating your dead skin from your lips!”… but it tastes delicious!

And after all my make up is done, I spray a setting spray. I recently purchased the URBAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER setting spray. I sweat a lot in my job, so I thought it would hold my make up longer. But, like I said before, I am obsessed with MARIO BADUSCO products and I recently bought their setting spray. I have yet to use it.


After over 5 hours of work, I looked in the mirror and my makeup was still intact. One of my bosses commented how nice I looked today. Honestly, compliments are the biggest confirmations that you are on the right track! So I am happy so far with my FENTY BEAUTY COSMESTIC products results!

Until next time!

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