Pimple talk! (part 2)

Welcome back to another STORY TIME!

Thank you for your support on the previous post! I did not think pimple talk would find interested readers!

I was thinking about what other products have made a huge difference on my face in terms of acne care. There is one product that I must share with you!

In the following pages, I will tell you about the product and how I use it for th best results!


The product I want to share with you is…


This cream comes in different sizes. I bought the travel size since I take it with me every where I go, including when I travel!

I heard of this product from a YouTube blogger who was talking about being vegan and the changes in their skin. I am NOT a vegan, but I consider it a lot due to all the positive feedback people have about their skin and overall energy every day. Personally, I do not know if I can leave meat, poultry, or fish forever. But, I tried it as a teen because my boyfriend at the time was vegan. We would go out on a date and I felt so bad eating my hamburger, so I decided to try it. Honestly, I was too young and had no idea how to balance my diet. My boyfriend at the time was not helpful either so it did not last.

The woman was mentioning that she used a particular lotion for cuts to prevent scars and also on acne that was healing to also prevent scarring. I was really impressed by her skin, so I decided to buy the item on Amazon for $12.

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