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STORY TIME: Pimple talk is here…

By: LatinaChika

Welcome back!

As I get deeper into sharing my experiences, I wanted to share my recent obsession with acne care.

In the next few pages, you will get to find out what products have worked for my acne (as a Latina in my 30’s) and what my history has been with acne.


As a teen, I had a colony of pimples. I had a huge concentration of pimples on my forehead and cheeks, that is why it is to no surprise that these remain the most acne prone areas of my face as I move into my 30s.I had a horrible acne problem growing up and it is something I am scared to live through again. To be quite honest, I was able to rid my acne with a product my friend bought in Tijuana, Mexico from a relative who was a nurse. I do not remember the name, but it changed my life forever. When prom came around, I had clear skin. Of course, I still had acne but it was not as bad as before.Nowadays, I get acne if I do not pay attention to the products I am putting on my face AND hair. My hair is long so it always manages to hit or sit on my face. After that, it is a given that I will have acne there the next morning.

I am really sensitive, so once I get home from work, stripping down includes taking off my make up and washing my face really well. Then, its time to moisturize which is so important for good skin and for great make up application. If your skin is dry, your make up will apply badly and will not look ideal.

So what have I been using to help prevent or treat active acne? Find out in the next page!


For the last two weeks, I have been absolutely obsessed and getting amazing results from the NEXCARE ACNE COVERS.

I bought them from Amazon. These are actually quite affordable compared to the acne dots I saw on the Sephora site. They go for less than $10.

I bought them without any expectations. I have used MARIO BADESCU DRYING LOTION and I think the concept is quite similar if not identical. I say this because both cover the pimple, dry it out, and somehow suck up the junk that comes out. It’s a strange and, honestly, I did not believe this could be true, but they do what they say.Comparing the two products, I can say the MARIO BADESCU DRYING LOTION is messy compared to the NEXCARE stickers. The drying lotion is pink and falls all over your clothes, pillow, etc. I normally let it dry and go to bed. But, it does last me at least a year before I need to buy another. The Nexcare stickers go pretty fast.

In any case, I have tried NEXCARE this last week during my period week which always brings me pimples to visit as well. Among the many things our periods do to us, my pimples during this time are big, red, and angry (honestly!). So, I was curious to see how these stickers would hold up…

To my surprise, overnight the stickers brought down the inflammation and somehow got the pimples to pop (yes, pop!) and dry out.

IT’S CRAZY!!!!And it works!!

But to be very clear, if the pimple is extremely angry, you must use the stickers for another night or two. If you can, wear it overnight.


Next time you are fighting with your acne, consider purchasing this off Amazon.

It actually claims to work under make up, but I am not brave enough to try it yet. They come in a small size and medium size. And as a woman of color with darker skin, they do have a brown color instead of the clear ones. Again, one shade does not fit all, so I don’t know if I would personally use the brown ones. I guess it could also help hide it with the makeup. It’s a great concept to leave them on under makeup to stop the pimple from growing any angrier, but I have yet to try it like I said before, so we will see.



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