STORY TIME: Pimple talk is here…


As a teen, I had a colony of pimples. I had a huge concentration of pimples on my forehead and cheeks, that is why it is to no surprise that these remain the most acne prone areas of my face as I move into my 30s.I had a horrible acne problem growing up and it is something I am scared to live through again. To be quite honest, I was able to rid my acne with a product my friend bought in Tijuana, Mexico from a relative who was a nurse. I do not remember the name, but it changed my life forever. When prom came around, I had clear skin. Of course, I still had acne but it was not as bad as before.Nowadays, I get acne if I do not pay attention to the products I am putting on my face AND hair. My hair is long so it always manages to hit or sit on my face. After that, it is a given that I will have acne there the next morning.

I am really sensitive, so once I get home from work, stripping down includes taking off my make up and washing my face really well. Then, its time to moisturize which is so important for good skin and for great make up application. If your skin is dry, your make up will apply badly and will not look ideal.

So what have I been using to help prevent or treat active acne? Find out in the next page!

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