STORYTIME: That one time I dyed my hair blonde and almost lost all of my hair!


To start off, I wanted to share why I wanted to dye my hair blonde. I am such a fanatic of the grey/silver hair right now. I wanted to try it and decided to call my local beauty salon. I refuse to name them because the woman is an older Latina woman and I know she works hard for her family. She has cut my hair for years, but I will never let her dye my hair EVER again!!!

First of all, I am a dark skinned Latina with dark long hair. I was really nervous about going blonde period. I was not too sure if the light colored hair would look nice or if it would be a complete fail. I talked to the salon worker and she assured me she saw many Latinas with blonde hair in all skin shades and it would look amazing!

I should have paused and thought, she needs the job regardless of how this goes down. Looking back, I should have just cut my hair and walked out..but I didn’t. She was so persistent about the blonde, so I went for it… she assured me she would not let me leave if I was not happy… how can anyone promise that? I was too lost in my imagination of what amazing hair I was about to get that I just was not thinking clearly…

She starts by asking if I have ever dyed my hair. I tell her that my hair is virgin and that I have not dyed my hair since high school. I use to dye my hair black, blue black, red black, jet black, etc. She moved on and began to apply the mixture she made. I was now all hers… she had the full control of my hair now… I could not stop it, it was done…

She then used aluminum foil to separate the hair and let it heat up in portions. After the finished applying all the aluminum foil, she put me under infamous chair that has a huge bubble that goes on your head and basically feels like a huge hair dryer coming from a chair.

I started to feel a burn and, honestly, I knew my scalp was damaged by that point. Later, I would part my hair to find burn scars, it hurt so bad for weeks after. I actually applied pure aloe vera on my scalp before I went to bed and after a shower for months in that area. I was so mad at the woman for a while, but what could I do? It was done.

She came back after maybe a half hour or so and noticed the foil was burning me and put a towel in between the foils… I was very thrown off by her method… I have never dyed my hair in a salon, so I have no idea if this was her own strategy or if this was normal. In any case, I already felt sick to my stomach and just wanted it to end. I started counting down from 100 in hopes that it would calm my nerves, it didn’t…

She then pulled me out and began to pull off the foil. She commented that my hair was stubborn and she needed to do another application. I figured, well yea, my hair is dark…

Then, as she went through my hair, she told ME that I had in fact dyed my hair because in certain areas it was not turning blonde. I told her my hair had not been dyed since I was a teen and she ignored me. When she washed my hair later, she kept telling her co worker, “you see how she dyed it here and here and here…” I was so pissed!!!! I felt like I was being manipulated for sure and I was over her and her co workers commentary. I have a short temper and they were testing me….

Then, after she did three layers of bleaching mixture on my hair, she washed it… three layers….

My hair felt horrible… it was breaking. It was falling around me like wild fire and I almost broke down right there… rage filled my veins as she continued to basically call me a liar about my virgin hair…

Once she was done washing, we sat on the chair and she started to comb through it…. to my horror… she started from the top of my head!!!! My hair was so mad, burnt, and breaking that she just pulled and yanked downward… my hair was absolutely murdered by this woman….

She then proceeded to dry it with a blow dryer and comb!!!! She wanted me to see the full finish … and she was so excited…

Then, she realized how bad my hair was so she started to spray every damn product she could find to tame my hair…. including hair spray…. I was furious by this point…

She smiled when done and told me what a great shade it was… it was not….

She could tell I was not happy but she brushed it off and charged me….

I walked out feeling absolutely defeated… I could not cry hard enough… when I got home, I slid into my bed and just cried.

Later that night, I mustered the courage to look online for help. It was actually a relief to see SO MANY horror stories around dying hair blonde!! From customers to hair stylist, they recommended you NOT dye it blonde. Why? Because you are taking every damn nutrient from it to accomplish that color. Then, came all the horror stories from customers, male and female, who experienced the complete destruction of their hair LIKE ME!

I was so sad that I had done this to myself and quickly had to get the energy to go to ULTA and buy products to bring back my hair… or what is left at this point…

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