STORYTIME: That one time I dyed my hair blonde and almost lost all of my hair!


In my research online, I found two of my life saving products!!! I really want to share these products and their success story on my hair because it helped me SO MUCH!!! After using these products ONCE, I was convinced that my hair would survive this nightmare!!! Seriously!

The first product I used prior to taking a shower was the OLAPLEX HAIR PERFECTOR No. 3. Through this product, I learned that conditioner is not the only thing I would need. This product is what they call a “bond builder.” You lost all strength and natural nutrients from your hair and you are trying to bring it back! I put this on for an hour. It recommends ten minutes but I read online that it would help if you left it longer if your hair was really damaged… and it was !!! Below is the product:

After that, I took a shower and used a SULFATE FREE shampoo. It is so important you do not use shampoo with sulfate when you dye your hair blonde. The shampoo I used was okay, but it is nothing to mention or recommend.

Then, in the shower, I used IT’S A 10 MIRACLE HAIR MASK which I want to say is the BEST THING I HAVE EVER USED ON MY HAIR!!!!!! I still use it today and I do not dye my hair! I just love how it leaves my hair feeling. It is so soft and does not get tangled. TRULY A MIRACLE! Their sales pitch is absolutely true! Below is what the product looks like:

To be clear, this products cost $30. It is expensive in that sense. But, I promise well worth it in a situation like this!!!

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