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Battle of… the Black Liquid Eyeliners: STILA vs. MILANI vs. MAYBELLINE

By: LatinaChika

Welcome back to another double-review for our “Battle of the…” series! This time… we have three reviews in one and announce ONE winner!

Today, I will share my experience with these three black liquid eyeliners: STILA VS. MILANI VS. MAYBELLINE!!!!

Here, you will find out about the products and who the winner of this battle is!


Since I was 13, I have been loyal to my black eyeliner. It is not until quite recently that I have started to purchase and attempt to wear brown, grey, blue, and green eyeliners.

Growing up, I saw my mom rock her 80s make up and fashion proudly and boldly. Honestly, I think my mom cut her bangs in the 80s and has never grown them back out. What I loved seeing on her was her blue liquid eyeliner on her.

For me, black liquid eyeliner was ALWAYS a must in my teen years. In my 20s, I learned to give my face a break from daily use of makeup. My face needed to breathe! But, if I plan to see a lot of people, my first go-to is my black liquid eyeliner.

Over the years, I have tried many eyeliners. From the swapmeet to the mall eyeliners, I have tried the all! These are my top 3 black liquid eyeliners that I have become loyal to throughout the years.

Next, is a review of each product…


My first love was found when I was a teen, I was a loyal customer to the MAYBELLINE WATERPROOF ULTRA LINER.


  • It is $6!
  • This was so economical for a teenager.
  • This eyeliner IS waterproof because it does not bleed when you sweat.
  • It will last you as long as you don’t touch it! Seriously, one rub and it is GAME OVER!


  • The applicator is flimsy.
  • You must be extremely careful with your lines.
  • Instead of melting on your face or eye, the eyeliner crumbles when you touch it after application.
  • Seriously, do not accidentally rub your eye because little pieces of what feels like plastic will fall on your eye and face.


During my college days, I decided to try one of my friend’s really dark liquid eyeliner that I wanted to try for myself. The product was the MILANI INFINITE LIQUID EYELINER.


  • This eyeliner is extremely black.
  • It is on an applicator that allows for extremely thin lines.
  • The eyeliner is really hard to come off, it will sit there for hours.


  • You need to be extremely careful with where you apply.
  • If you need to make corrections, grab that Qtip quick! I feel that if I wait long, it will get really messy because it is so strong and sticks to you fast. I always had a struggle with the wing of my eyeliner with this applicator because it doesn’t stay in place.
  • It has the ability of moving around when applying, leaving the wings looking like you just started to do wing eyeliner.
  • And when I sweat, the eyeliner tends to stick to the top of my eyelid and leave a “clown like” lines on me. I found it really frustrating at parties and clubs because it made me look funny. Because of this, I uses this eyeliner only when I knew I wouldn’t be sweating or if I knew I wouldn’t be out long.


After years of searching and trying different brands under $10. I finally decided to pay a bit more for my black liquid eyeliner. I went online and did some research and, at the time, the STILA MICRO TIP ALL DAY WATERPROODLF LIQUID EYELINER had just been released. I decided to pay the $22 and give it a try.


  • It is in the form of a pen, so the tip is fine and allows you to go from a thinner line to a thicker line easily.
  • It lasts for a long time and doesn’t need touch ups throughout the day. Honestly, I always get home and my eyeliner is as flawless as it was when I left… it always surprises me!


  • The pen style kind of limits certain angles one can do to apply the eyeliner itself. Since it is as long as a regular pen, you must find a way to hold it and use it to your benefit to draw your eyeliner on.
  • For the amount I pay, I feel I replace these more often than the previous two eyeliners. Sometimes, $20 for eyeliner is just not worth it and I go back to one of the two eyeliners (really depends on the occasion, so if I plan to go to a party, MILANI is not my option).


So, who wins?

This is where money buys you quality.


I would love to buy STILA all the time, but it is a bit hard to do so for me.

But, it is my preference and it allows me to play with different sizes of lines on my eye. It is thin enough to make small lines for more natural looks and thicker lines for those bold days when you want to make a statement!



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