Battle of… the Black Liquid Eyeliners: STILA vs. MILANI vs. MAYBELLINE


Since I was 13, I have been loyal to my black eyeliner. It is not until quite recently that I have started to purchase and attempt to wear brown, grey, blue, and green eyeliners.

Growing up, I saw my mom rock her 80s make up and fashion proudly and boldly. Honestly, I think my mom cut her bangs in the 80s and has never grown them back out. What I loved seeing on her was her blue liquid eyeliner on her.

For me, black liquid eyeliner was ALWAYS a must in my teen years. In my 20s, I learned to give my face a break from daily use of makeup. My face needed to breathe! But, if I plan to see a lot of people, my first go-to is my black liquid eyeliner.

Over the years, I have tried many eyeliners. From the swapmeet to the mall eyeliners, I have tried the all! These are my top 3 black liquid eyeliners that I have become loyal to throughout the years.

Next, is a review of each product…

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