Battle of… the Black Liquid Eyeliners: STILA vs. MILANI vs. MAYBELLINE


During my college days, I decided to try one of my friend’s really dark liquid eyeliner that I wanted to try for myself. The product was the MILANI INFINITE LIQUID EYELINER.


  • This eyeliner is extremely black.
  • It is on an applicator that allows for extremely thin lines.
  • The eyeliner is really hard to come off, it will sit there for hours.


  • You need to be extremely careful with where you apply.
  • If you need to make corrections, grab that Qtip quick! I feel that if I wait long, it will get really messy because it is so strong and sticks to you fast. I always had a struggle with the wing of my eyeliner with this applicator because it doesn’t stay in place.
  • It has the ability of moving around when applying, leaving the wings looking like you just started to do wing eyeliner.
  • And when I sweat, the eyeliner tends to stick to the top of my eyelid and leave a “clown like” lines on me. I found it really frustrating at parties and clubs because it made me look funny. Because of this, I uses this eyeliner only when I knew I wouldn’t be sweating or if I knew I wouldn’t be out long.

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