Battle of… the Black Liquid Eyeliners: STILA vs. MILANI vs. MAYBELLINE


After years of searching and trying different brands under $10. I finally decided to pay a bit more for my black liquid eyeliner. I went online and did some research and, at the time, the STILA MICRO TIP ALL DAY WATERPROODLF LIQUID EYELINER had just been released. I decided to pay the $22 and give it a try.


  • It is in the form of a pen, so the tip is fine and allows you to go from a thinner line to a thicker line easily.
  • It lasts for a long time and doesn’t need touch ups throughout the day. Honestly, I always get home and my eyeliner is as flawless as it was when I left… it always surprises me!


  • The pen style kind of limits certain angles one can do to apply the eyeliner itself. Since it is as long as a regular pen, you must find a way to hold it and use it to your benefit to draw your eyeliner on.
  • For the amount I pay, I feel I replace these more often than the previous two eyeliners. Sometimes, $20 for eyeliner is just not worth it and I go back to one of the two eyeliners (really depends on the occasion, so if I plan to go to a party, MILANI is not my option).

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