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FENTY BEAUTY JOURNEY WEEK 2 (ending the week!)

By: LatinaChika

Welcome back to another FENTY JOURNEY review !!

So as I wrap up my second week of trying out FENTY BEAUTY products, specifically their liquid foundation, the matching concealer, and the setting powder. Again, I do not have any make up tools that are FENTY BEAUTY.


This week, I really committed to these products by not applying any other concealer, foundation, or setting/translucent powder except these. The style of application remained only using makeup blender/sponges. I mentioned before that I am using the ECO TOOLS regular sized sponge and their mini that comes in the same package.

Also, I decided to set my makeup with URBAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER SETTING SPRAY. I did this because this week was extremelly sunny and I had extremely long days this week.


I mentioned in my previous reflections this week that I used the bigger makeup sponge for my foundation application and I used the mini sponge to set my concealer. For my setting powder, I used a traditional triangled makeup sponge seen below:

Honestly, it worked out just fine using these applicators, but I am looking to buying a puff applicator this weekend to see if the setting powder applies better using this tool instead. I have heard and read online from makeup bloggers that sponges are great to use while others swear by the puff applicator. Since I am open to trying different methods of applying makeup, I really want to commit 100% and try things with different methods. After all, make up has been a journey of a bunch of trial and errors. Next week, I will review the setting powder difference in application, feel, and look using the puff tool. I am in between the LAURA MERCIER PUFF or the BEAUTY BLENDER PUFF. I am leaning toward the Beauty Blender puff because it seems to be more precise than the traditional puff. If anyone has advice on this, please comment below or contact me! The puff I am looking into looks like this:

I mentioned this before but I am absolutely new to setting powders. The FENTY BEAUTY setting powder is my first attempt at using this type of product. The first attempt last week was a learning experience to say the least. I basically applied and forgot to brush it off!!! I think my contouring brush helped brush it off on my final swipes, but it was done unintentionally.

This week, I did more research, and I decided to use the setting powder everywhere applying different amounts of powder depending on the area. I noticed makeup bloggers recommend baking under the eyes and on the jaw line. I went ahead and did that and made sure I dabbed on more enough to bake. Every where else I just applied it in a very very small amount to set the foundation, but, I would not say I was baking those areas.


Honestly, I really learned to appreciate the magic behind setting powders. In one blog, one makeup artist mentioned the setting powder can actually tone down the makeup you have applied including blush, highlight, and contouring makeup. Sometimes, I do go a bit overboard with my bronzer or my contouring stick. It actually leaves no definition or separation between the different make up. This actually happened to me this week and the setting powder saved my artwork! It allowed tone down the darkness of certain areas and it brightened the areas that needed to be brightened. It also just overall toned down all the loudness of my make up to a really nice matte look. I actually have the trial size FENTY BEAUTY settling powder in Honey shade. I am looking to actually buying the regular sized setting powder this weekend because I AM A BELIEVER!!

Many of the FENTY BEAUTY reviewers have commented on the concept of having a number that matches both your foundation shade and your concealer shade. Both are the same number and it is claimed by the company that the concealer is actually made to be a shade lighter than your concealer. It is a different approach to concealer and I, like many others, was not sure if this would hold true. Two weeks later, I can say that it is not as bright as others concealers that I have used, but it applies smoothly and blends in with its appropriate foundation flawlessly with my mini sponge.

I can say this about the concealer… If you are the type of person who likes a white undertone in your concealer under your eyes and other areas, this may not be your choice of concealer. This concealer is more to your tone and looks much more natural than other concealers. I know, for some, the look of white bright undertones is your goal, so I would have to say this may not achieve that look. If you are one who uses LAURA MERCIER’s eye brightening powder, I do not think this will achieve the look your aiming for.

As for the foundation, I am really impressed by how much is still left on my face by the end of the day!! When I wipe my face with makeup wipes, my foundation and concealer are still on and must be taken off correctly. Coming from a sunny state in the Spring time, I can say this foundation may be telling us the truth when it claims to withstand any temperature. From what I have experienced in the last 2 weeks, I am beginning to really believe them!!

For those wondering if I sweat l, I actually sweat a lot. I mentioned in the previous posts that I did purchase the FENTY BEAUTY blotting powder but have yet to use it. I thought I would for sure use it this week on my extremelly long days, but I have not needed it. I did have sweat this weak and I was hot, but when I would look in my mirror, my makeup was in place and nothing was melting off or getting attached to my phone screen (you know what I am talking about).

Two things, this is likely due to the temperature resistance of the foundation. It can also be due to the setting powder. Makeup artists always stress the importance of moisturizing your face, priming it, and setting your makeup at the end. I use to think they were selling a gimmick but I can truly say, there is truth to this. My setting powder has quickly become my new best friend. I was absolutely nervous and did not think I would enjoy the process of setting/baking. I hope you take the chance as well!

Well, that really wraps up Week 2 of my FENTY BEAUTY products trial journey. I went to ULTA this week to return an item when I saw a MAC lipstick on display near the line (it’s a setup, I know!). A worker who happen to also be a women of color asked me if I needed help. I was so appreciative to her attentiveness to me that I decided to ask her to help me sanitize the makeup. We started talking about MAC lipsticks, the Selena red lipstick line, my love for red lipsticks (which I was trying one, of course!), and, then, I mentioned my current obsession with FENTY BEAUTY. She laughed and said it was all a hype. She claimed that Rihanna’s stardom appeal is what sells the makeup and not the product. She was quite convinced there was better makeup out there. She did not give references to certain name brands, but she was quite confident that FENTY BEAUTY was not as good as it is been reviewed to be. I did not challenge her or push it further because we all have our own opinions. And, honestly, I do not believe this woman has tried the makeup. I did tell her that I liked it and that everyone has their taste. I even went as far as to point out the new KYLIE displays and said many people felt her makeup was a sham when it was first sold online and in pop-ups, but no makeup line would last nor land such a big deal with ULTA if it was not good makeup. Personally, I haven’t tried any of the KYLIE COSMETICS products, but I would try it in then future to find out for myself if “the hype” is real. Honestly, I chose FENTY BEAUTY because of the impact this line has had on women of color and their stories in finding a foundation shade that finally matched their skin tone. I have mentioned this a lot in my posts. That alone, solidified my decision to save money and buy these products in particular.

So far, I am NOT disappointed! I am inspire others to try this makeup linens well. I do not think you will be disappointed.


I mentioned that I will be purchasing a full size setting powder from FENTY BEAUTY, but I would also like to purchase a brozing stick and possibly the highlighter stick as well. The company does sell a bundle of these two in a smaller size and I might take that route for this trial run.

Lastly, I do have the diamond bomb highlighter powder in my cart right now. All of my friends and family who are fans of makeup have talked about this particular product. Some own it and others have tried it at Sephora. We all want it! I do not know when I will buy it, but what I do know is that it will be bought!

I hope these posts have helped! Moving forward, my reviews for FENTY BEAUTY will be shorter and probably more specific to one product instead of the entire set used.

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