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By: LatinaChika

Welcome back to STORY TIME!

For this week’s story time, I want to share my experience with bobby pins. It is a very common hair accessory and it is used universally by hair stylists.

In the following pages, you will find out what they are, what they did to my hair, and what I did!


There is different forms of Bobby pins and different designs. There is also different colors and sizes. I will be talking about my experience with these Bobby type of pins.


Bobby pins use to be my every day go-to for my hair when I went to work. From wearing my hair down to putting it in a ponytail/bun, I always used them to settle my hair down and keep it in place for the whole day. As I have mentioned before, my job requires me to walk from building to building and I am always on the move. If it is a windy day, my long hair becomes quite tangled and messy.

Then, I noticed a problem….


As years went by, I started to notice less and less hair in the areas the bobby pins sat. That led me to recognize that I was losing strands of hair when I would take the bobby pins off. I then noticed the hair was not growing back completely. My hair was so weak that when it grew beyond 2 inches, it would just fall off.

I started to blame everything else. I started to blame my shampoo, the conditioner, the leave in conditioner, my eating habits, my age, stress, etc. After changing some of the things that I could change, I saw that my hair remained the same. Frustrated, I began to do more research.

What I found out was how damaging hair accessories, including Bobby pins and hair bands, can actually be. I guess I was shocked because I assumed there was no way these products would be sold if people wee losing hair. I was very naive because I realized that companies will sell any product and put a label on it to protect themselves from lawsuits.

After that heartbreaking research was over, I decided to find a product that would help me strengthen my hair again and hopefully grow it back longer than 2-3 inches. I tried strengthening shampoo, anti-thinning shampoo, El Caballo shampoo (if you are Latino/a, you know what I am taking about!), and everything anyone recommended. I started putting castor oil with aloe vera on my hair. I also started putting coconut oil on my hair, olive oil… it helped, but it was not enough. I still had hair that was not growing fully and I was getting quite frustrated.


Then, a good friend of mine gave me this little miracle in a jar…

Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Gro Therapy!!!

The results have been everything I wanted and more!!

My hair actually grew longer, faster! I did not expect ALL of my hair to grow so quickly!


Every other day, I would put very little of this product on my finger and would rub itinto my scalp/roots.

Then, I would comb my hair for a minute or so. I would never put this on my entire hair.

It is for this reason that I was shocked when my I saw my entire hair grow stronger and longer!


I highly recommend this product if you want to grow your hair or strengthen it or both! I have been using using this for years and I always make sure I never run out!

Also, I stopped using Bobby pins for a few years, BUT I did start using them again after a while. I use them much less than before and I try to very careful when I put them on and off.

I hope this helps! Let us know if this product has helped you! We would love to hear from you!



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