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TIPS AND TRICKS: How to remove gel nail polish and glitter nail art quickly, easily, and effectively!

By: LatinaChika

Welcome back to another one of our “TIPS AND TRICKS”!

On today’s Tips and Tricks, I wanted to share a method of removing gel nail polish and glitter art from our nails.

It is one of the easiest processes or it can be a complete nightmare!

I remember gel nail polish being my ultimate enemy until I learned how to work with it rather than against it!

Here you will learn a trick that has worked for me!


Have you seen this alien looking contraption?

This is actually your answer!

I saw a tutorial of this method once and thought it was a joke… I was very wrong!

This process is very easy!

  1. You need the nail polish remover, a cotton ball or cotton pad, and, of course, aluminum foil.
  2. When you are ready, you apply enough nail polish remover to the cotton ball for the nail. Do not overdo it but you do need a soaked enough cotton ball. Make sure the cotton ball is big enough that it will cover your whole nail.
  3. You leave it on top of your nail and then comes the aluminum foil!
  4. Wrap the aluminum foil around your fingers without moving the cotton ball from on top of your nails.
  5. Once you are done, you wait for five minutes and then… you are magician! Because when you pull off that aluminum foil with the cotton swab in it, everything is gone!

Don’t believe me?

Go try it and let us know what happens!

This is easy, economical, and effective!

Keep making that beautiful art everyone!♡



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