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WEEK 3 FENTY BEAUTY Journey Update

By: LatinaChika

Welcome back to another FENTY BEAUTY Journey!

First of all, thank you so much for all your support in all the social media platforms!

Secondly, week 3 of the FENTY BEAUTY products went really well!


This week, I want to really stress the importance of both foundation and concealer blending to our skin flawlessly, especially when we talk about women of color.

As a Latina with what has been categorized as “medium tan.” The foundations I have used in the past include MAC Foundation, Benefit’s Hello Foundation, and Maybelline (yes, FIT ME). The last one I used was Hello Foundation and I specifically bought this product because it has sunscreen. Even though, women of color have the gift of having a lot of melanin for the beautiful colors we are, we STILL need sunscreen. I learned this the hard way when I visited Hawai’i. Long story short, my skin began to peel for the first time in my life and I couldn’t believe it. I realized I needed to be more careful and more considerate of my skin. As well all know, skin exposure to the sun and a lot it can cause skin cancer, so take care of yourselves.

The reason I decided to try FENTY BEAUTY products is for multiple reasons. In terms of weather conditions, FENTY BEAUTY caught my attention because it claims to stay on under all weather conditions. I live in a state where it is hot and sunny a lot. My foundation normally is gone by the end of day from sweating and consistently using blotting sheets. I normally do not see my foundation work for an entire day or night out. This is why I was actually convinced to try the FENTY BEAUTY formula.

It has been over two years since the release of FENTY BEAUTY foundations and its release of 40 foundation shades. This was unheard of by any company and it probably sounded like a horrible investment, but Rihanna has proven them wrong! As a matter of fact, defiantly, Rihanna and her team released more shades a few months ago to meet more women if color’s skin tones! This was a MAJOR reason I decided to try the FENTY BEAUTY foundation. With so many shades to choose from, I was hoping I would not have to mix and match my skin with different foundations.

This week, I am so impressed by the foundation, concealer, setting powder, and blotting powder. I had longer days at work and a big event this weekend where I was a panelist. I am a person who sweats a lot and especially at work and at public speaking engagements. I get so nervous sometimes, that I sweat through my blazer!! This was going to be a tough weak for my FENTY FOUNDATION and CONCEALER in particular.


I was so impressed this week with the foundation and concealer! If you take a look at the social media connected to this blog (found on our Menu under “FOLLOW ME”), you will see the amazing results hours later for yourself.

First if all, this week, I decided to use my plastic applicator again. I missed it. I wanted to stick to my ECO TOOLS make up sponges (regular and mini). I used the silicone applicator specifically for my concealer to set it in. Then, I go in with my mini makeup sponge to blend it out.

I also used the Mario Badescu Facial Spray instead of my Urban Decay Setting Spray.

Both new methods of application have given me positive results! I did notice that I sweated a bit more with the Mario Badesco facial spray than the Urban Decay setting spray. It was mentioned in reviews that the Mario Badesco spray leaves a more dewy look. Which is why I will say that the FENTY BEAUTY blotting powder is perfect to matte your look or to tone down any sweat or shine! I do not regret buying the blotting powder last minute because of this.

Lastly, I brought back my L.A. Girl concealers. I used them to cover scars and breakouts. Then, I apply my foundation followed the concealer. Before I contour, I set the foundation and concealer (in number 330) with the FENTY BEAUTY setting powder (Honey).

I apply setting powder everywhere, but what I love about the FENTY BEAUTY setting powder is that you do not need a lot of it! This means you get a lot for your buck! I do put a bit more of the product under my eyes, my T-zone (nose and forehead), and along the line of my jaw.

After that, I use my SLEEK contouring palette for medium skin. I love this product because you don’t need a lot for effect, especially for everyday make up. But, it is also capable of being strong enough for your night out. You just need to apply a bit more and make sure to blend it out with your makeup sponge in between application. I have mentioned this before, but I love using these brushes to outline my contour before blending it out with my makeup sponge.

I love using these to apply my highlight on my check bones and under my eyebrows as well.

Then, I apply my eyebrows and my eyeshadow. I have mentioned this before, I apply my eyebrows later in my process because I sometimes pick up the powder of the eyebrows and blend it on my face if I am not careful. And then I apply my LA GIRL concealer under my eyebrows to shape both my eyebrows and the eyeshadow.

To be honest, I like more natural looks so I tend to stay away from dark eyeshadows. Normally, I apply soft brown tone eyeshadows.

Then, I apply the setting spray.

Once that is dry, I apply my MAC lip primer and my mascara.

My last detail is my lipstick. And that normally involves lining my lips, applying a color, and adding a gloss (because I never stopped buying gloss since I was a teen!).


I am currently counting down the days until my package from FENTY BEAUTY comes in with their new Sunstalk’R bronzer (Coco Naughty) and the Setting powder (Banana). I plan to use the Banana Setting powder under my eyes particularly and then use the Honey Setting powder for my entire face to set the foundation. And I am so excited to see the bronzer on that I hope I don’t let myself down when it finally arrives. Wish me luck for Week 4!

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