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WHY SHOULD I … try lip scrubs?

By: LatinaChika

Welcome back to another experience for our “Why Should I?” series!

For “Why Should I…” this month, we are talking about LIP SCRUBS!

In the following pages, you will get to know what they are and if they are beneficial to you!


In general terms, they are normally sugar-based oil scrubs that together massaged onto your lips allows for dead skin to come off and leave smoother lips behind. To be more specific, a lip scrub contains two components: an exfoliant and a nourishing agent. The nourishing agent, normally oils, provides a hydrating base for your exfoliator in the scrub, which makes it easier to apply to your lips. And these two go hand in hand for moisturizing and smoothing out your lips.


The purpose of using a lip scrub or any other exfoliating agent product is to remove dead skin cells that tend to dull the natural glow of the skin. Lip balm will not help to remedy this problem unless the dead skin cells are removed first. Which is why lip balm is a must daily, but you also need a little help from a lip scrub.


When you have weather changes or just extremely chapped lips, a scrub can help nourish and break off the old skin. In fact, sugar makes an excellent exfoliant and is used to reveal the glowing, healthy-looking skin underneath. Lip scrubs can also result in more supple, rosier and healthier lips.

PLEASE NOTE: Lip balm should always follow your lip scrub. Your lip balm is NOT the enemy! Use it daily and before putting on lipstick. Allow some time to pass and then wipe it off or apply the lipstick.


I strongly advise you to be careful with DIY lip scrubs.One reason is that I have noticed many of them warn you not to eat your lip scrub. I have bought many natural and organic lip scrubs and I have never been warned not to eat them. I love when a product is so safe, that you can eat it!Secondly, I am a firm believer of supporting people’s hard work. I love buying handmade products that have been around for a while and have positive experiences from previous customers and beauty gurus online. But, I do not think you should not use lip scrubs because you cannot find the extra money to actually buy one. So if DIY is your thing, I understand, and go for it! Just be careful and rinse it off immediately after use.


It is strongly recommended that you use lip scrubs no more than twice a week.

Your lips are very sensitive, so using a lip scrub daily would actually cause more harm than good. So be gentle to your lips.


One of my favorite companies for handmade, sometimes even vegan, products is LUSH!I had heard so many positive reviews about this company in the last few years that I had to try their products! One of my favorite products that I always have in my bathroom is a lip scrub.The best reason I can give you to buy this is that YOU CAN EAT IT!!! I know for some of you, that sounds kind of gross…. to eat your dead skin… But, honestly, I cannot tell. The flavor of the scrub is so delicious!My favorite lip scrub from LUSH is the Bubble Gum flavor. Does it really need it explaining? It what exactly what it claims! It tastes like that pink bubble gum you ate as a kid that came in a wrapper. It is delicious and I guess even nostalgic!

You can purchase it here:

We hope this is useful and that you give some lip scrubs a try!



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