Battle of … the Mouthwashes: Listerine vs. Act

Hi everyone!!

Today, we have the battle between the mouthwashes which are LISTERINE versus ACT.

Good teeth are important, especially for those of us who love to smile! Some things that go wrong in our mouths are hereditary and cannot necessarily be prevented. But, there are things we can do at home to show some much needed love to our teeth.

What is mouthwash?

Generally speaking, it is something we use to gargle and/or rinse our mouths.

But one important thing you MUST know is that all mouthwashes are not made the same and do not accomplish the same thing. They can prevent bacteria that causes to have bad breath and gingivitis, while other focus on other issues such as enamel problems and tooth decay.

For this reason, ACT and LiSTERINE are actually not battling it out. They actually do different things and can both be used one after the other for positive results.

So what are the results?

Listerine, as shown below, is a product that focuses on bacteria, plaque, and gingivitis.

Act, on the other hand, is a mouthwash focused on restoring enamel and making teeth up to 2 times stronger!

The product is shown below:

So, use both?

Yes, that’s correct!

It is recommended that you actually have both at home and that you use them daily.

Our recommendation is that you pay attention to the label. Make sure you grab the mouthwash that is appropriate for each result you are looking for. Sounds easy, but we also understand it can get a bit overwhelming.

Hope you feel more confident about your knowledge on your dental health and what you can do to prevent any future issues!

REVIEW BY: LatinaChika

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