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WEEK 4 FENTY BEAUTY Journey Update

By: LatinaChika

Welcome back to another FENTY BEAUTY JOURNEY review!

This past week, I was able to finally try my new additions to my FENTY BEAUTY products colllection!!


As mentioned before, I already had:

1) Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in 330

2) Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer in 330

3) Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder in HONEY

And I just added:

4) Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder in Banana

5) Match Stix Matte skinstick in the color in SUEDE

6) Sunstalk’R Instant Warmth Bronzer in COCO NAUGHTY

7) Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Set with FU$$Y lip bomb and Hu$tla Baby

For this reason, this has been a bunch of trial and error! I have tried new methods of application and I am absolutely shook with one new detail in my makeup routine!

First of all, I wanted to explain why I decided to buy the new products that I did.

I watched two important videos with FENTY BEAUTY ambassador, Priscilla Ono.

One was a video she did with Jen_ny69 where they did their makeup and talked about growing up Latina, as well as being a Latina in the makeup industry.

Check out the video below:

The other video I watched is technically not a video. I watched Priscilla Ono do her first makeup tutorial in Spanish on her Instagram story feed for Cinco de Mayo. I took notes and the very little screenshots I could get to remind me where she put things on and with what brush.

I watched it again the next day, before it disappeared, and tried the look on myself. I did not have all the products she used, so I did what I could with what I had. Below is the look:

For this look, I actually tried something new with the setting powders that Priscilla did on her Cinco de Mayo tutorial. She actually mixed the Banana setting powder with the honey setting powder and applied it all over the face. Honestly, I am still trying to figure out if I like it that way or not. I do like the bronzer look the honey setting powder leaves versus the more whitish tone in the Banana powder. So to mix them was very different for me and I think I like it, I am just not too sure if it is fitting my skin tone yet. It seems to blend in fine, but I need some time to be sure.

It is also important to note that for this trial run I tried the Instagram makeup fad right now which is applying a serum or highlighter type-serum after moisturizing but before applying any makeup, like foundation. I used the Amara Organics Vitamin C serum. I was impressed with the look it gave but I have not tried it since. I am going to try next month once I get a hang of my new products and the routine I am comfortable and happy with. I just hate to add too many new steps to my routine because when something does not look right, I have a harder time figuring out what I did wrong.

One thing Priscilla inspired me to buy was the Match Stix Matte skinstick in the color, SUEDE. I honestly have been stalking Priscilla any way I can to learn from her makeup advice. I have seen her use the Suede stick every time!!! Even on herself!! I had to try it… To be honest, I have only done contouring with powders, so this was new to me.

And the other thing I witnessed her do was use the concealer as a type of foundation in then jawline to snatch the face after applying contouring make up. This is applied to make the angles more defined, but they should look natural. I do not like the obvious line some like to do, it just makes a natural look impossible almost.

Using the concealer to line the contour lines, on top of the foundation, changed my whole makeup routine!!!

Ironically, the use of concealer on my face really helped cover my acne scars that the foundation has a hard time covering alone. I was looking into correctors, but when I saw the results with the concealer and foundation, I was pleasantly surprised!

I had watched a makeup guru online, Diana Saldana, use ONLY Fenty Beauty concealers for a full face look. I thought it was interesting, but figured it was just her preference. When I saw the results on MY FACE, you know I went back to her video and reconsidered my decisions!

Check out her video below:

After this experiment, I decided to try to mix my foundation and concealer when I apply full face foundation.

As I mentioned before, I also started mixing my Honey setting powder with my Banana setting powder.

Lastly, I also started putting Banana setting powder on the corners of my eyes because Priscilla pointed out that it makes eyes look bigger. I have small hooded eyes, so any tricks to make me eyes look bigger is going into my routine!

I actually was already doing what Jen_ny69 explained she did with her make up which was put different setting powders for different areas on the face for a different effect. We both use Banana for under the eyes and to highlight the contour on then jawline. All other areas, where normally bronze and contouring occurs, we apply the Honey setting powder. I feel safest in this style of application, so I have been pushing myself this week to only try Priscilla’s style of application to figure out if I like it… Honestly, I think I need another week to decide. Again, it does not look bad but I am just not sure if that is a look I personally want.


I really love my new Banana setting powder!! I just LOVE IT!!!! Honestly, you do not need a lot of it!! So the regular sized setting powders will last you at least a 1 to 2 years. Again, you do not need a lot! All the Fenty Beauty ambassadors say this and I can attest to it. I over did it the first time, ignoring their advice, and I baked my face hardcore… it looked okay, but a mistake was done!! So, be careful and apply slowly.

The Sunstalk’R bronzer in Coco Naughty has been okay for me. On my skin, it does not have as big an impact in color as I have seen others do on darker skin women. I decided on this color because in the image online, the woman had a similar shade to my own skin color and it seemed to have a hint of red, almost a blush bronze look. I have not seen it do that on my face… yet.

The Match Stix Matte skinstick in Suede is amazing!!! I can say confidently that using this matte skinstick has changed my makeup look for the better!!! Sometimes my powders would leave an almost black color on my cheeks because it was so pigmented and made for darker skin women. This stick has the perfect shade FOR ME. I might buy a darker shade, possibly TRUFFLE or MOCHA, in the near future. I think a shade darker would also look nice on me.

PLEASE NOTE: You should rub the stick on your hand before directly applying to the skin. This is to warm up the product which will then apply more flawlessly. The same goes for your foundation. Make sure you shake the bottle well enough before use. I actually warm up both the foundation and concealer on my hand and palm before applying directly to the skin. Remember, this product oxydizes, so the first color you see will not be the final look.

I have mentioned this before, but I buy all my makeup online. I rarely step foot in Ulta and Sephora for various reasons. I have discussed it before but being a woman of color with a darker complexion and coming fromba working class background, I have had experiences at these stores where I am:

1) never acknowledged

2) followed around the store (by more than one worker at a time), and

3) the odds of what I am looking for being sold out where I live are ridiculously high.

I would love to try the product first, but it just is not worth the work I have to put in mentally not to get mad or let it get to me for the rest of the day. It is a bummer because this happens because of my class standing and my race/ethnicity. I just cannot go into race and class relations in America because then this article will change direction and you did not come for that!

Check out my Latina experience in the makeup world article here.

Lastly, but not any less important than the other products, is the Fenty Beauty gloss bomb in FU$$Y and the highlighter IN HU$TLA BABY bundle set!

These two items really need no review if you looked online for answers. EVERYONE LOVES THESE PRODUCTS! There is videos of people applying the highlighter for the first time and they are just left in shock with how beautiful, strong, and little amount that is needed of the highlighter to see it!! I was so scared to apply it at first because I did not want to over do it… but how can you overdo such a pretty color and highlight! I honesly have zero complaints about it.

The lip bomb is soooo smooth! I love the way it feels! I have tried it on by itself, which looks nice. But when you mix this baby with darker shades… it is beautiful and I love it!

Overall, I am really happy with my new purchases and they have been great additions to my every day make up routine.

Next week, I plan to try only the concealer as foundation… come back to find out how that goes!

Also, I mentioned I would buy a puff for my setting powders and I did. I bought some generic kind off of Amazon with a set of 3. Honestly, Fenty took my coins so I had to buy what I could afford.

Journey and review of all FENTY BEAUTY products:



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