The Battle of… MOISTURIZERS: Aveeno vs. Cerave

Hello everyone!!

Its LatinoChiko here !

LatinaChika has asked me to write on her blog and I was easily convinced!!

Well, she didn’t really ask, I kind of offered myself—haha!

I am honored and excited for the growth of this blog!

LatinaChika inspires and teaches every day! I have never actually written a blog for others to see since I am more of a vlogger in the making. But here is my attempt:

First, I would like to acknowledge that I identify as a male. I do not participate in the art of make up, but I do like to keep good hygiene, as everyone should!! HAHA. Males are socialized differently, so they don’t think they need to take care of their body, skin, body odor, etc. We tend to forget about hygiene!! Some of LatinaChika’s posts are for everyone (even the make up ones if you participate in that art form!!).For today’s blog it is the battle of…MOISTURIZERS!!

Growing up (and to this day), I would get really bad acne breakouts. During my high school years, I had to hop on the Accutane antibiotics. After almost a year of treatment, my skin looked WAAAAAY better. But my skin was super dry when I took this prescription. I had to find a good moisturizer, something that would last me for a few hours. Moisturizing your skin is so important!Today, I am reviewing Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer ($13.78 on Amazon) and Cerave’s Facial Moisturizing Lotion ($12.57 on Amazon).The moisturizers are easy to apply.

Because they do have a bit of sunscreen, you just need to blend it into the skin a bit more to hide the sunscreen. Your moisturizers should ALWAYS have sunscreen, no matter your skin tone, because the sun ages you!!

The Aveeno Moisturizer

PROS: With a dime amount of this product, it can cover your entire face. This product will last a while and it is easily accessible. It can be found online and in most drug stores.

CONS: My skin is moisturized, but it leaves skin super oily, even with a small amount of it used. I guess it is radiant, but in bad ways lol. At least for me…

The Cerave Moisturizer

PROS: It is more affordable than the other moisturizer.
This product is oil free, so it doesn’t leave your skin looking oily. My skin is naturally oily, but this product minimizes how shiny it gets. My skin is super soft, even after a few hours of usage.

CONS: this product does have sunscreen, so I just need to blend it into my skin a bit more. But other than that, no complaints!

And the winner is…

The Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion!!!!

My skin is super soft and does not look oily!! I highly recommend if you have oily skin. This product is a bit cheaper than the other moisturizer, but the end results are better!!

I hope this helps! Do not forget to take care of your skin!!

-LatinoChiko Reviews

Links to purchase these items:

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