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Artwork by @outlineskels on IG

Hi everyone!! I wanted to share an exciting new venture here! I have decided to collaborate with an amazing person who is exploring life after graduating college with a Bachelors.

I see great things coming for LAtinoChiko and that is why we have decided to collaborate!

He is originally a vlogger. As we all know, I am a blogger. We both supported each other and decided recently that a collaboration would be fun to teach each other both social media platforms.

We really hope you enjoy this collaboration! We are super excited to see what comes of it!

Below is his bio:

Hey everyone!

I am LAtinoChiko! (Omg! See what I did there?!)

I am currently a college student with aspirations of becoming a high school teacher or social worker.

I am a Latino in his 20s and live in Southern California.

Everything I write about is strictly based off my own experience. As I write and document my experiences, I hope we can learn and grow together. I do this for fun and for you to learn!

I am always open to your suggestions, so let’s blog!


LINK TO FIRST REVIEW : The Battle of the Moisturizers!



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