Artwork by @outlineskels on IG

Hi everyone!! I wanted to share an exciting new venture here! I have decided to collaborate with an amazing person who is exploring life after graduating college with a Bachelors.

I see great things coming for LAtinoChiko and that is why we have decided to collaborate!

He is originally a vlogger. As we all know, I am a blogger. We both supported each other and decided recently that a collaboration would be fun to teach each other both social media platforms.

In the weeks to come, we will be making appearances on each other’s vlog/blog!

We really hope you enjoy this collaboration! We are super excited to see what comes of it!

Below is his bio:

Hey everyone!

I am LAtinoChiko! (Omg! See what I did there?!)

I am currently a college student with aspirations of becoming a high school teacher or social worker.

I am a Latino in his 20s and live in Southern California.

Everything I write about is strictly based off my own experience. As I write and document my experiences, I hope we can learn and grow together. I do this for fun and for you to learn!

I am always open to your suggestions, so let’s blog!


LINK TO FIRST REVIEW! : The Battle of the Moisturizers!

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