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By: LatinaChika

Welcome back to another review for our “I TRIED IT!” series!

For this review, we tried POND’S DRY SKIN FACIAL MOISTURIZER!

Here, you will find out why we picked this item and if it is really worth buying!


Why this product?

Like many of you, we were obsessed with the Met Gala looks of 2019. From make up to fashion statements, the reunion of different types of artists brought amazing looks!

We were O-B-S-S-E-S-E-D with Cardi B’s look that night!!! From her flawless make up application by Erika La Perla and the beautiful dress!!!

So when Erika La Perla posted her collaboration with Ponds and the fact that she used their dry lotion facial cream on Cardi B that night had us questioning the quality of the product.

Below is the image from her sponsorship post after the Met Gala.

If you are a Cardi B fan, like us, you know that her face is very sensitive. She is always on Snapchat talking about how sensitive her skin is on her face. She has her specific products she uses and, if she doesn’t have them, she might show up on her Snap with the same makeup from the night prior.

She explains that her skin goes in horrible breakouts if she uses the wrong make up remover, moisturizer, etc. For that reason, she is uses the same products for the most part.

When we saw Erika’s post, we knew we had to try it! Our skin is very sensitive and we have a history of extremely bad acne. We both have to be very careful with what we use.

Personally, I suffer from extremely dry skin.

Let’s find out how this item works for me!



  • It is so economically friendly!! There is a great deal on Amazon Prime, so I really like how accessible the product is to working class consumers, like myself.
  • I was also really happy with the texture of this moisturizer. It is so smooth and even smoother to apply.
  • I also loved how a small amount of product spread evenly on my face.
  • I also noticed less acne these weeks. I was actually quite stressed at work, so you can see a few break out. I normally have a lot more!!!


  • It made my skin dry in a less than 6 hours.
  • On days that I did not wear make up, the facial cream was useful for only a few hours.
  • On days I did wear make up, it made the application of make up easier (part of pros in that sense), but it made my skin feel dry quite quickly with the make up.
  • The smell was a bit strong as well. Normally, I love fragrance in moisturizers, but this one was a little stronger than I am use to. If you enjoy the smell, then it is a good thing for you.


I wanted to like it and… I really did!


It just was not a good result for me…

My skin was too dry. I felt like a desert was on my face… it is a horrible feeling.

At first, my skin felt soft and smooth. My skin was also very glowy!

But, like I said before, after a few hours, my skin needed help.

SCORE: 5/10



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