I TRIED IT… Yes to Cotton Comforting Paper Mask

Welcome back!

Today, I will be reviewing the new “Yes to Cotton Comforting Paper Mask.”

I got it at one of my local stores for 1.99, but I am sure you can always find these products for even cheaper!!!

These masks are as easy as 1, 2, 3 and that is why I wanted to try them. I love it when the steps are ready to follow!

Since it is a paper mask, you must wash your face before using. Just use your regular facial cleanser, but it is important to use warm/hotter water. The warm water allows for your pores to open up, so whatever product you are using can get into your skin.

Then, you carefully peel the paper mask open after washing and rinsing your beautiful caritas. These sheets are very delicate, so be super careful when opening.

If they rip, you can still use it. Once you place the sheet on your face, relax for about 10/15 minutes. The instruction says 10 minutes, but I always like to use a bit longer. I’m cheap like that… lol.

Make sure you put a timer on! I always forget to take these things off my face.

This paper mask was created for relaxation!!

It also includes the eye lid parts, so you can actually lie in bed and relax.

I felt the burn, immediately!

It smells really, really good!

After the 10/15 minutes were up, you were supposed to rub in the oils into skin.

DO NOT wash it off, it is good for the skin. Do not do a mask if you are going somewhere within 2 hours.

They are fast to use, but since I recommend you rubbing in the oils, your skin may look oily.


Fast clean up!!

Before you rub the excess oil into your skin, wash your hands!!

I cannot emphasize this enough, stop touching your face during the day.

My skin is super soft and radiant after this.

I am very happy with this product!!!

I will use again once I finish trying their other masks.


Fast and EASY to use!

These products require no additional products. No need to buy anything else but the sheets! No clean up required!

Since sheet masks are soaked in serum, it penetrates into the skin much deeper than a clay, cream, or gel treatment.
They are SUPER affordable! And you save time and money!!

SCORE: 10/10

Each mask has different purposes, so find something for your skin type.

All of our skins are different, this is just my experience.

Find your magic♡

Also, if you live in a city, there is a lot of air pollution. Find something to protect your skin from the sun, pollution, and whatever else that can compromise your skin’s healthy state.

Also, as a side note, my dog, Mae, tried getting to my face mask as I was RELAXING!! Make sure your little creatures are unable to get to your face because these oils can be dangerous for them 😦


Review by: LAtinoChiko

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