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I TRIED IT… Horizon Zero Dawn Video Game

By: LatinaChika

Welcome back to another “I TRIED IT“!

I am so excited to do our first video game review!

Since this is my first review of a game, I wanted to share a little about who I am and my connection to video games.

When I was growing up, Nintendo released the Original Nintendo NES. Like everyone else, I fell in love with Mario since the first day we met! I have been a gamer since quite small due to my love for Nintendo…

When I reached college, I decided to get a Playstation. All of my cousins had Playstations, so I always had the opportunity to enjoy games like Grand Theft Auto (I learned the codes by heart!) and even the cutest of games, Little Big Planet.

I recently purchased the PS4Pro because I wanted to experience a high quality game in a high quality console with a 4K TV (it is a gamer’s dream honestly!).

In my conversations with other gamers about this console, I heard amazing reviews about Horizon Zero Dawn. One of the reasons I chose this game because I wanted to have a visual experience with a meaningful storyline (says the girl who learned the cheat codes to Grand Theft Auto LOL). I was promised that AND MORE! … I did not believe them…

I also like to look at a little gameplay of the game before I buy it. I normally only watch the beginning, so I do not spoil the game for myself in case I buy it.

In these videos, I saw the beautiful graphics on the game… I had to experience the game on my new Ps4Pro!!! This was just YouTube!

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