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I TRIED IT…Downy’s Nature Blends Liquid Fabric Conditioner & Softener



First of all, let’s just start with the conditioner claim!

It definitely leaves clothes feeling a little different right out of the washer. Once dry, the clothes do feel a bit softer and they smell really nice.

Another positive aspect of this product is that it remains smelling really nice for at least 2 weeks. Normally, the smell of the softener does not last in our closets for whatever reason. I hate that! Especially when it comes to my bed sheets!

Here is my theory about the conditioner. I feel that it may make clothing a bit softer than other products, but I think conditioner means it will leave the clothing smelling fresh and feeling soft longer while it awaits to be used again.

It also did not irritate my skin! I have decided to use it on everything now, including my delicates!

Lastly, you do not need a lot of this product to get the results I just discussed. This also means you save MONEY!!! If you do not have to use much, you will have the same bottle for longer!


If you are a person who hates strong scents, this may not be for you. If you like either scents, there may be hope for you!

I would also just stress the importance of not using too much. I realized that with certain delicates, you may only need half of what you use for a normal load.

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