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I TRIED IT… Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Sleeping Mask

By: LatinoChiko

Welcome back everyone to another review for our “WHY SHOULD I?” series!

This time, I tried the Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Sleeping Mask!

Check out my review!


I paid around $2 to $3 for this mask, but I am pretty sure you can find it cheaper because I bought it at a small independently owned shop near my home.

This product claims “to help brighten skin and refine pores so you can honestly say #iwokeuplikethis.”

I just got off of my job and I am quite tired from long hours and laborious workdays, so I decided to do try these masks to help me at least feel like I am doing good self care and relaxing a bit.


The masks come in a little white package and it is not like the cotton mask I reviewed previously. It is more of a lotion consistency type of mask than a light serum like in other products.

First, I wash my face with my daily cleanser.

After washing your face with warm/hot water, your pores should open up to help absorb the product on the mask easier.

I then pat my face dry gently and then I apply the mask.

After that, I evenly spread out the mask and let your skin absorb the creamy sleeping mask.

TIP: I would also like to share a tip about how to keep your skin clean and healthy. You should try to change your pillow cases as well as your sheets as often as possible. Your body are on these sheets at least a few hours a day and our bodies are constantly sweating, so changing them would be beneficial for so many reasons. I promise your skin will feel better all over!


I don’t think the sleeping masks did anything that it claims to do, but maybe I have to do them more consistently to see improvements…


  • It is inexpensive!
  • It is accessible!
  • It is a fast and easy application!
  • You do not have to wash off anything after applying the sleeping mask!
  • My skin felt softer than usual.


  • The serum just felt so heavy on my skin. It felt heavy from all of the oils combined and when I touched my skin, it was just super oily!!!
  • Like REALLY OILY!!!!!!!


Would I purchase this again?

Probably not because I did not feel the “#wokeuplikethis mood.” It is actually a cringy labeling choice in my opinion…

I do not feel any of its claims were true!

SCORE: 1/10

As always, this is based off my own experience and we all have different skin types, so ALWAYS do what works best for you!



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