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WHY SHOULD I … try a sauna?

By: LatinoChiko

Welcome back to another piece for our “WHY SHOULD I” series!

Today, we will discussing the benefits of a sauna visit!

Come with us on this journey of exploration within the category of self care!


It is important to keep in mind the saunas are not new and they are actually an indigenous method of healing and taking care of one’s mind, body, and spirit ♡ Western culture has adopted this ancient method and made quite a business out of it. Indigenous sweat lodges are sacred and they are not the same as saunas. Saunas are an independent experience, unlike sweat lodges that involves a community of people and a ceremony. The smell of the herbs on the rocks are unlike any other smell and the experience is NOTHING like a sauna. All this to say, do not confuse a traditional indigenous sweat lodge with a sauna. They are NOT the same.

If you ever are asked to join a Native American sweat lodge, we recommend you commit 110% to the process. We also highly recommend you drink a lot of water the day of your sweat. After the sweat, refrain from eating fast food or junk food. And continue to drink lots of water. Your body is cleansing itself, so give it good and healthy foods afterward! This can also hold true for a sauna.

In the U.S., saunas have become almost a requirement at every gym and spa locations. People who work out like to use the sauna after a workout session. Others enjoy the sauna at spas where they can go from a wonderful relaxing message to a steam filled sauna to continue relaxing, but also release toxins in your body to continue your experience of cleansing oneself from all the stressors in our lives.


I try to hit the gym as often as possible, even if I am working too much, studying too much or just hanging out too much.

Even though I look “healthy,” I still suffer from high cholesterol. When I found out I had high cholesterol, I was very young!

My problem is that I eat too much fatty foods (thank you Grandma and local restaurants!), so I HAVE to work out!

It is important to work out in general, but it is more important to change your eating habits and work out habits little by little as you go. Nothing comes easy, trust me!

I am also not trying to shame anyone for eating unhealthy foods (they are inexpensive and super accessible to poor, working class communities). I am also not trying to shame anyone who does not working out (since all we are doing is working laborious jobs—our bodies are TIRED). BUT… I want you to live beyond one hundred! I promise you, baby steps is easier than doing it in one go. It just is not realistic.

I promise you if you do this, your body will thank you when you are older! Just be patient with your process and don’t forget to reward yourself!!


I try to work out for at least 45 to 60 minutes with my cardio exercises.

Honestly, I am too intimidated to use weights since I am not sure how to properly use them!

After my work outs, I try to go to sauna if I have time. Normally, I will stay in there for at least 30 minutes.



1) The body releases your toxins outwards while sweating!

2) Your metabolism is stimulated by just sitting there!

3) The immune systems get strengthened and your fitness levels generally improve!

4) Also, the steam is good for your pores, which allows them to breath.


I don’t really have any! I LOVE IT!!!

BUT, just make sure you adjust the time and temperature so you don’t faint!!!!

SCORE: 10/10

WARNING: If you are sick, please do not use a sauna!!! If you are sitting in the sauna, make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your visit!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact us!

Remember, this is solely based off of my experience, so trust your own process!



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5 thoughts on “WHY SHOULD I … try a sauna? Leave a comment

      • The worst time I had was at a hot spring in the summer , it was outdoors and I had been swimming too long , went into the locker room , threw up and then passed out . My friend had to give me gatorade and water . I’ve learned since then to stay really hydrated , even bringing coconut water for electrolytes.

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      • That happened to me when I went running and pushed too hard and was in the sauna for less than 5 minutes and my friend had to pull me out! It’s crazy, sometimes we just have to learn the hard way I guess LoL

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