WHY SHOULD I … try a sauna?

Welcome back to another piece for our “WHY SHOULD I” series!

Today, we will discussing the benefits of a sauna visit!

Come with us on this journey of exploration within the category of self care in the following pages!

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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    I used to use a sauna alot when I lived up north during the winters . My thing was I always had to drink alot of water before , I pass out pretty easy with heat lol

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    1. latinachika says:

      Yes!!!!! You can really pass out and have no control over your body if you are not careful 😦 even the sun makes me want to pass put! LoL

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      1. oliveunicorn says:

        The worst time I had was at a hot spring in the summer , it was outdoors and I had been swimming too long , went into the locker room , threw up and then passed out . My friend had to give me gatorade and water . I’ve learned since then to stay really hydrated , even bringing coconut water for electrolytes.

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      2. latinachika says:

        That happened to me when I went running and pushed too hard and was in the sauna for less than 5 minutes and my friend had to pull me out! It’s crazy, sometimes we just have to learn the hard way I guess LoL

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      3. oliveunicorn says:

        At least we know now lol

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