Meet the Cosplayer: @mayan.goddess

Welcome back everyone!! Today, we have a super special interview with an amazing cosplayer, @mayan.goddess !!!! We originally did her first animation when we collaborated with @portraits.n.cosplay and animated this awesome photo!: From this collaboration, we were introduced to @mayan.goddess and she was such a sweet and supportive person that we knew we had to […]

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Meet the Makeup Artist: @zrxby

Hello everyone! Welcome back! Today, we have an interview with the amazing makeup artist @zrxby !! We are so excited to bring you another amazing interview with one of the first make up artists we asked to animate their photos! The photo we animated was so cute and it had such a positive response when […]

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Meet the Artist: @Crymsy

Welcome back everyone!! We are so excited to share this interview!!! We have been following this artist since we started Instagram, and we never imagined the collaborations we have done! Our first collaboration was a beautiful piece we animated and, honestly, we cannot stop staring at it!! (Check out our Instagram for the animation!) Now, […]

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Meet the Artist: @Jackmarkimoo

Welcome back everyone! We are so happy you have come back for another “Meet the Artist” interview! Today, we have an artist that we actually commissioned to do a piece with Latinachika’s photo. It is a small painting that we treasure so very much! The image is below: Then, when we started to venture out […]

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Meet the Artist:

Hi everyone! Welcome back! Today, we bring you a very special artist who promotes self-love and creates body positivity artwork!! This amazing is !! Like all other art lovers, when we started Instagram, we immediately fell in love with various artists on Instagram. There is SO MANY with SO MANY different styles!!! You can […]

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