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WHY SHOULD I…prepare for an earthquake?

By: LatinoChiko

Welcome back to a very special “WHY SHOULD I…” today…

Today, we will talking about WHY SHOULD I… prepare for an earthquake? (This could also apply for any emergency that can occur in your area, such as snow storms, tornadoes, wildfires, etc.)

Both LatinaChika and I are longtime California residents and we are always prepared! Especially in the last few years with the recent extremely dangerous fires (which is a whole other monster!).

Recently, we experienced two large earthquakes in two consecutive days; first one was on July 4th and the other on July 5th. Geographically, California is on the San Andreas fault, so EVERYONE residing in California should be prepared for the earthquakes that are still to come (it is normal… just not at high numbers regularly. But, we are always having small earthquakes or offshore earthquakes.)

In the following pages, you will get to know why we are so prepared today and what you should consider having packed and ready in your home.


I was relaxing at home when… all of a sudden… SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!!!!

I saw my blinds move back in forth quickly and I knew it had nothing to do with the open window… I knew I had to act fast!

There are myths that claim dogs will behave strangely before earthquakes, but my dog was being her normal annoying self.

I looked around my room and noticed nothing was hanging on the walls.. I was safe from that at least… so I just stayed on my bed until it ended. I kept a close eye on the intensity of the pull, it was quite hard but it ended after a few minutes and I knew the hardest damage was not where I was located.

The city of Ridgecrest and towns surrounding it were hit the hardest. Please send any support you can to these places via non profits, Facebook pages with volunteers, etc. Also, when trying to support any emergencies, make sure to do your research and find out what is good and not good to donate. Sometimes our good intentions make another problem for those dealing with emergency. At Ridgecrest, the ground literally moved and train tracks moved! Pipes underground have snapped which has transformed peoples’ homes scary territory overnight. Please support!

These places were hit the worst also because over 400 small aftershocks occurred…. and, even worst, the damage is hidden!!! Most damage cannot be seen on the outside, they must go under homes, structures, etc., to find out the true damage. The county has announced a state of emergency and is requested millions for damage.

What is even worst, the following day, another earthquake was felt and was much stronger and LONGER!!

I definitely was much more scared this time and I got motion sickness!!!

My immediate response was to call my grandma and ask her if she was fine. Thankfully, she was perfectly safe. I made sure to have my emergency bag nearby and kept time on the earthquake. This time, I did grab my bag and my dog and went outside. If you can, always go outside because these jolts can cause damage to infrastructure that could potentially fall on you.

It is important to note that in California, many public and federal buildings, such as hospitals and tall skyscrapers, have been renovated to have what many are calling “wheels on buildings.” I am sure it is much more complicated than just wheels at the bottom of building, but we Calfiornians understand we are safe in those buildings because it had been built to.resist the push and pulls.

For that reason, always be ready and inform yourself of your city’s resources and preparation for the most common natural disasters, emergencies, etc.

Below is a list of important things to do or have ready in case of an earthquake:

  1. STOP, DROP, and COVER. Go under a hard surface or your bed. Make sure to grab your pets to make sure they are safe, too! 
  2. Store water, canned foods, and any everyday necessities for 72 hours (3 whole days) for you and your pets. 
  3. If you are unable to keep your pets safe, then you are unable to have a pet. People tend to forget their pets during emergencies and it is NOT fair to them.
  4. Store a flash light, batteries, cash and extra charging wires in your go to bag. 
  5. Have an emergency booklet with emergency contacts that  family members, doctors, etc.
  6. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes to avoid any foot injuries.

All these items should be in a bag or backpack in the area you hang around the most. It also should not be too heavy in case you have to be on the go. You should be able to move quickly!

After the earthquake, move to a safe open area and wait until emergency first responders assume that buildings are safe again. 

Please be safe out there! We hope this helps!

With love,

-The Team



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  1. Earthquakes are so scary . I’ve only been in a small one but it was loud , and made the floor rattle . But being disaster prepared is pretty smart , like where you live , if its blozzards , have a storm room , same for hurricanes too .

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