Meet the Cosplayer: @LiliHimeCosplay

Hi everyone!!!

Welcome back!!

As part of our new series, Meet the Artist, we have our first COSPLAYER interview!!!! We are so excited!!

Today, we bring you an interview with a super sweet cosplayer who has been nothing but supportive and kind to us!!!

When we first collaborated with @lilihimecosplay, we animated one of their amazing photos below (Check out our Instagram page for the animation):

Below is our awesome interview!:

1. What is your Instagram for your cosplay? Do you have any other social media accounts where you share your cosplay?

My main cosplay account and where I share most things is my Instagram, @LiliHimeCosplay. I have a twitter and a Twitch I use time to time, but Instagram is just a way easier app, and I like to use it a lot!


2.When did you become interested in cosplaying? What influenced you or who influenced you?

I always really liked cosplay. Even if I didn’t do it myself.

Around when I was 12/13, I watched anime everyday and, sometimes, when I was looking for art of characters, some cosplayer would come up and I was really fascinated about it!

I started following cosplayers like Yaya Han and Jessica Nigiri.

I didn’t do my own cosplay until I was 16 and went to my first con.

3. When did you begin to do cosplay?
I did my first cosplay in 2015, but I didn’t start to actually do cosplay regularly and see myself as a cosplayer until 2018.

4. Who helped you with your cosplay?

I do my cosplays alone (Unless I buy something ofc) but my boyfriend is always there to cheer me on!

5. Which was your 1st cosplay outfit? What was the process like putting it together?
Gnar from League of Legends was my absolute first, but I don’t remember much of it…

So, I will just go with my Rosalina from Super Mario tennis as my first.

My boyfriend wanted to try cosplay for the first time, so we did like a couple cosplay.

He bought his outfit because Tennis Mario has very ordinary clothing.

But, I made my dress at my parents home because I didn’t have a sewing machine at that time and was also trying to get my drivers license. So, it was a bit stressful.

The dress was very simple to make. At home, I painted over some tennis rackets to make them look like what they did in the game.

The net was very annoying and had to get repainted a lot. Then I made my crown and star parts of worbla that was gonna be on the dress. The extra stuff like wrist bands and stockings were bought. I would never wear stockings myself


It’s a pain!

6. Which is your favorite cosplay and why?


I don’t know…

If the cosplay I work on gets really good, then it will be my fav for sure!

7. Do you do cosplay events or competitions? Do you have a favorite you like to attend and why?

I don’t compete, it’s not my thing at all.

I go to a lot of Swedish Cons, like ComicCon Sweden, Närcon and sometimes Dreamhack.

My fav is Närcon! I don’t even have to think twice! It’s the best one for any anime, video game, cosplay fan. They have a lot of activities for cosplayers and any fan.

The feeling there is so comfy, you feel like home almost. Everybody is so nice to eachother and helps if something happens.

The food is good for a con and I meet so many fun people. I Even meet Yaya once!


8. Do you make or buy your cosplay? Or maybe both? Do you have any stores or sellers you highly recommend to aspiring cosplayers?

I do both, some things like bodysuits is way to hard for me.

I mostly buy things from Aliexpress when I do buy.

Just be careful that you buy from a good seller!

9. What do you enjoy about cosplay?
I just love to be in character, I feel way more confident and I dare to do more things, and a lot of characters just are so pretty!

And I’m very creative at heart, so it’s a way for me to bring that out, just in a different way than painting.

10. What has your experience been like sharing your cosplay online?

Mostly good, I don’t have a big presence so I mostly just get some likes and that’s that.


I do write to some wonderful people time to time and that’s really nice!

11. Do you have any advice for aspiring cosplayers considering sharing their cosplay online?

Just go for it!

If you feel like you don’t get noticed like you want or if there is too much cosplayers already, just do it anyways!

If you’re really passionate about what you do, people will notice and follow your journey.

So just keep on going even if you feel down at times.

And don’t compare yourself to other cosplayers, learn instead, “oh they use poses like this”, “They use this fabric/technique.”

There is a lot of new things to learn every day!

I’m not that good at sewing at all and didn’t know much about cosplay making before I started. But since then, I got a lot better! I make a lot of mistakes, but I learn from that.

So the most important thing is to have fun and love what you do!

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