Meet the Makeup Artist: @Basmaven

Welcome back everyone!!

We are so excited to bring you our first interview with an amazing make up artist, @Basmaven !!!!

We have been following this make up artist for a while and she only gets more amazing and creative!!!

We are so happy to bring you an interview with this young talent!!

We first collaborated with @Basmaven with this make up look photo of theirs:

Below is our interview!:

1. What is your Instagram account for your make up looks? Do you have any other social media accounts for it?

My instagram is @basmaven.

I also recently started my YouTube channel ‘Basma YLA’. Although I am not consistent on YouTube yet, but I plan to do so in the near future.

2.When did you start playing with make up?

I started playing with makeup at the age of 15, when I first bought real makeup.

But it was in 2016 that I learnt makeup could be used for a lot more than enhancing your looks.

3. Who influenced you in the make up world? Was it someone close to you? A famous person?

Nobody honestly. I was just scrolling through instagram around the time of October and saw many Halloween looks. Mostly skulls.

I tried recreating one for the first time and it turned out pretty amazing.

But right after that I discovered Mykie and she has been one of my greatest inspirations ever since!

4. Do you do any other forms of art that influenced your make up looks?

I paint and sketch sometimes.

My makeup looks aren’t inspired by my art but rather I make art inspired by my makeup.

5. What style of make up looks did you start with? Is it the same today? If it has changed, why do you think that is?

I don’t like binding myself to a style. I like to be versatile with my looks. Anything that challenges my capabilities becomes my style.

6. When did you decide to post your make up looks online? Were you nervous? Excited?

I started posting my looks ever since I started doing them (2016).

I was very nervous every time I posted a new look because it was a new concept for my friends and they didn’t accept it. I used to get bullied for it.

I even quit a number of times and deleted my makeup account twice!

But I’m back to doing what I like. My dedication and courage is what made people understand that my art is art too and it’s important to me.

Ever since, I have never been bullied once.

And now I’m very much excited before posting a new look!

7. How long does it normally take you to do a make up look for you social media account?

It usually takes between 3-6 hours depending on the detailing I’m going for.

8. Do you create make up tutorials? What has that process been like for you?

I tried, but I find it very difficult.

I’ll start doing them regularly soon.

*fingers crossed*

9. What is your favorite make up look and why?

This one’s my favorite:

This look is my favorite because I was able to execute the exact idea I had planned in my mind, and that rarely happens to me!

I was also able to transform myself into a completely different person and somehow the complete look made me feel very strong, empowered and confident.

The symmetry I was able to achieve was CRAZY and something that I have never been able to do before.

Overall, I was 110% satisfied and proud of this look!

10. What has you experience been like posting your make up looks online?

I used to be insecure when I was young because I do not own any high end products.

But now, I find confidence in the same thing.

I can create looks from scratch using only drug store products!

I also love meeting people in the same field and talking to them. It is very comforting.

11. Do you have any advice for aspiring make up artists who are thinking about posting their make up looks online?

Yes! Just do it!

And always try to create something that you think you can’t do. You’ll be so amused to see the things you can create.

Also, not owning a Morphe Palette is not the end of the world. Make best use of what you already own! That is what will make you an outstanding artist!

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