Meet the Artist: @Jackmarkimoo

Welcome back everyone!

We are so happy you have come back for another “Meet the Artist” interview!

Today, we have an artist that we actually commissioned to do a piece with Latinachika’s photo. It is a small painting that we treasure so very much! The image is below:

Then, when we started to venture out as a blog/ digital magazine, we started animating art and we knew we had to animate one of their pieces since they had done such an amazing job with our commission piece!

The image below is the beautiful artwork we animated (Check out our Instagram page for the actual animation):

Below is our interview!:

1. What is your IG account? Do you have any other social media accounts for your art?

My IG account is @Jackmarkimoo. I do not have any other social media accounts for my art.

2. What was the first art piece that you remember impacted you and inspired you to make art?

I started drawing at a very young age and I use to make characters or original characters from different movies I liked as a kid and it inspired me to keep going with my advancement throughout the years.

3. When did you realize that you enjoyed making art or when did you start making art?

I started and enjoyed making art when I was able to pick up a pencil and haven’t stopped since!

4. What style of art did you start off with and is it the same today? What else have you tried? What are your favorite styles of art?

I started off with my own style, but then I drifted to more of a Tim Burton style, then anime, but now I’m sticking to my own.

My favorite style of art is more aesthetic and has a lot of time and effort put into it. But I enjoy a lot of styles.

5. What is your process like making a new art piece?

I think of an idea in my head, I think of the pose or maybe even a hint of a story behind it. Then, I draw what I’m thinking, and then add outline and any media that I’m feeling would fit the piece.

6. Which is your favorite art piece you have made and why?

I don’t really have a specific art piece that I made, but I really enjoy the ones with my demon oc that I have made a couple times.

7. When did you decide to start a social media account for your art? Were you nervous? Excited?

A couple summers ago, I went to my friends house out of state and they noticed my art and asked me why I don’t have something to show it.

They helped me make an Instagram and I have just been posting and advancing since then.

I was more excited than anything.

8. How has your experience been with your social media account(s) for your art? What are the positive outcomes? Is there any negative outcomes?

I think it’s been great and I get a lot of love and support from people and it’s awesome!

I’ve even had a couple famous people like or comment on it and that’s been exciting.

The negative outcomes are slim but I do have people correct me on my art or tell me that I am glamorizing things that is just a story. 

8. What advice would you give any artist out there who are considering sharing their art on social media?

I say that even if you post something and it doesn’t get a lot of likes or you don’t have a lot of followers, it’s okay, don’t give up and if u motivate yourself and keep advancing to your satisfaction, you will make it to your goal and soon ur page will grow!

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