Meet the Makeup Artist: @DanimaraCreative

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We first want to say thank you for all the amazing support we have been getting for this new series (Meet the Artist)!!! We also want to thank the artists for taking time out of their busy lives to answer a few questions for us!! We are very grateful for ALL the support! We love what we do and are so thankful for our followers!

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Today, we bring you an interview with one of the most amazing makeup artists we have seen on Instagram and who has influenced a lot of other makeup artists and that is @DanimaraCreative!!!

Wee had the hobornof animating one of her most iconic and highly replicated makeup look with the beautiful waterfall! Below is the image (Visit our Instagram page for actual animation):

This animation was so much fun to do for us, but also an honor!

We were even more honored when @DanimaraCreative allowed us to interview them!

Here is our interview and we hope you enjoy it!:

1. What is your Instagram account for your make up looks? Do you have any other social media accounts for it?

My account is @DanimaraCreative on Instagram. 

I also have recently gotten very into TikTok, and my account on there is also DanimaraCreative.

I have a YouTube channel called Danimara Makeup, but I haven’t been as active on there ever since I switched to filming vertically, and YouTube is still a horizontal platform. I need to update my YouTube soon! 

2. When did you start playing with make up?

I have been playing with makeup since I was a kid, I’m not sure exactly when but probably between 10-12 years old.

I remember borrowing my mom’s makeup and thinking a lip liner was an eyeliner. I had put red lip liner in the waterlines of my eye and people asked if I had been crying.


3. Who influenced you in the make up world? Was it someone close to you? A famous person?

The very first beauty gurus I watched was back in 2016 when I first got into the social media makeup world and they were Kandee Johnson and Carli Bybel.

At the time, I was just playing around with glam makeup looks.

After some time, I came across some creative/ avant-garde makeup artists that would go outside of the conventional makeup looks and I found it so fascinating.

I would say two artists that first inspired me to do creative makeup was Jordi (@itslikelymakeup) and Kimberley (@kimberleymargarita_). I watched them both in the Nyx Face Awards a couple years ago and I love their work!

4. Do you do any other forms of art that influenced your make up looks?

I was in AP Art in high school and always enjoyed drawing and painting, even if I don’t do it anymore.

I am not sure if that influenced my makeup looks, but I do think there is a connection because my favorite thing to draw has always been eyes and faces, because I loved shading and contouring. All of my notebooks in high school had a lot of faces and eyes on the backs of the pages.


5. What style of make up looks did you with? Is it the same today? If it has changed, why do you think that is?

The style of makeup I wear out hasn’t changed too much.

For an average day, I have always kept it simple, and for a party, that was always an opportunity to wear fun products and lashes. So, in that sense, I haven’t changed much.

But as for my makeup art style on social media, I do think it has changed because I started out doing simpler glam looks with the intention of them being practical. Now, I invest a lot more time into my looks with the intention of creating art rather than wearability.

6. When did you decide to post your make up looks online? Were you nervous? Excited?

I first posted my makeup to YouTube in 2016. The first video I filmed was super awkward and lengthy. It felt really strange to talk to myself, and I definitely did not understand how to cut a video down.


7. How long does it normally take you to do a make up look for you social media account?

Way longer than it should!


Most often it is between 6-12 hours. But that includes taking little breaks (I am a big procrastinator), and the process of setting up and taking photos.

Though, it is a whole other day of work to choose photos and edit the video.

A lot of time goes into each look, for sure.

8. Do you create make up tutorials? What has that process been like for you?

I used to focus more on full length makeup tutorials, but considering the kind of makeup I do now, I tend to focus less on the educational side of the tutorial, and more on the entertainment aspect of showing people the process of how I created the look (usually condensed to a minute long for Instagram).

I still create full length talk through tutorials around October because people may be more inclined to actually want to recreate a look for a Halloween costume.

9. What is your favorite make up look that you have done and why?

Probably, the most enjoyable look to create was the body art I did a while ago of an Orca ( 

It was just very relaxing to draw the Orca itself and, surprisingly, it didn’t take all night to do which was nice.

But my favorite look altogether would probably have to be the waterfall look (, because I really tried to push myself and I was really proud of the final result. 

At first, I was really lost with how to start the paint and it was frustrating.

But, after laying down the basic composition, I found my groove and it also became a really fun look to do. 

10. What has you experience been like posting your make up looks online?

So far, it has been very positive, and I am really grateful for that.

There is such a nice little supportive community of creative makeup artists, body painters, and artists in general, and I think it is so awesome to have all these friends with common interests.

I have been lucky that I haven’t received much negativity. I hope that continues!

11. Do you have any advice for aspiring make up artists who are thinking about posting their make up looks online?

Do it!

Honestly, I believe everyone has the ability to be creative and make art. Everyone was a beginner at some point, and the biggest way to improve a skill is to just do it over and over.

I look back at my old looks sometimes and it is wild to see the difference, and it really just comes from practice and patience.

So,if it is something you are passionate about, just go ahead and do it!

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