Meet the Artist: @thai.apathy

8. What advice would you give any artist out there who are considering sharing their art on social media?

I would like to tell artists considering using social media as a vehicle to share their work is that most people are kind and encouraging about your work, so don’t be afraid to post things. Even if you aren’t sure about them.

As you grow as an artist people will be excited alongside you as you move along on your art journey.

One of my favorite comments I get is when people say things like, “you’ve come such a long way” or “you’ve improved so much.” I can see it and it makes me feel good that others see the changes too.

Of course, watermark or sign your artwork—preferably in places that would be hard to crop or remove to protect your work as well as direct newcomers to your art.

It’s important to tag companies or people in your work if it applies. For example, if you drew an influencer you like or used a company’s products for your art, tag them! You’re not annoying them I swear, and a lot of people love to see the work you’ve done inspired by them and it can provide exposure if they share your work.

Use hashtags too, it doesn’t matter if it’s a lot. I know there’s a stigma against them, but they do bring traction to your work, so just remove that thought process because posting your work online is about sharing what you’re proud of.

Most importantly, just be kind. My social media experience has been really fun because of the kindness I’ve experienced and given out to other people. If people are rude, just delete their comments or messages.



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