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I WENT TO … Universal Studios Hollywood!

By: LatinoChiko

Welcome to our very FIRST article for our “I WENT TO…” series!!

We are so excited to bring this new series to our magazine!

We all love to travel and love to experience new things!

This is why the opportunity to visit Universal Studios Hollywood should never be turned down!

In the following pages, you find out what exactly I felt about the new additions at Universal Studios as someone who grow up visiting these attraction parks around California as a kid.


As a season pass holder, I would only recommend it if you plan on coming at least once or twice a month and if you live near the Los Angeles area.

Personally, I pay for my pass in monthly payments. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the park, but also pay the pass in a more affordable method.


First, I had been wanting to come to Universal Studios because I wanted to ride the NEW Jurassic World!!

They recently opened it, so it is in high demand, which also means it is VERY PACKED!

If you’re a season pass holder, parking is included and you save $25 every time you come for general parking. When I parked, the wait time was 2 hours, but as soon as I got into the park, the wait time changed to 3 hours!! I, honestly, highly recommend considering an annual pass!


The group I went with decided to separate and take advantage of the single rider line. Have you tried this line yet? YOU SHOULD!! You will ride solo, but it is worth it and I will tell you why!

I waited less than 10 minutes and we saved ourselves a bunch of the waiting time in the regular line to ride as a group.

If your group isn’t too big and you don’t mind riding solo, then I HIGHLY recommend going through the single rider line!


As for the ride itself, the entry to the ride is very detailed and well thought out.

It seems as if we’re entering an aquarium! You will get wet, so be warned, put your valuables away!!!!

It was also amazing to experience renovations for the first time! As a native to California and a child who had the privilege to experience the first version of this ride, it was fun to see the new additions!!

Super detailed and realistic! (I have provided the photos I was able to catch!)

Here are the new/old changes that I was able to catch:

1) The concept of the ride is the same as the old one… so the huge T-Rex escaped its cage!!! RUN!!!

2) The Disney hat doesn’t float in the water anymore!

3) The car crashing down doesn’t happen anymore!

4) And the very end is the same! I feel as if it goes down faster, but it’s been a few years since I’ve ridden the ride.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time there!

Would I recommend this ride?


Would I ride it again?


SCORE: 10/10

TIP: The Mummy Ride has a single rider line as well, so you can save yourself time for this ride too! The wait time for single rider is a bit longer than Jurassic World, surprisingly. 

As always, this was written based off of my experience! I love Jurassic Park and I was very pleased with what they came up with!

Have fun this summer and experience new things!!



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