Meet the Blogger: The OliveUnicorn Beauty Review

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We have a very special person for our interview! Today, we have an interview with a blogger from WordPress, The Olive Unicorn Beauty Review Blog!!!!

Find their blog here:

We have never done an animation for this blogger, but The Olive Unicorn Beauty Review Blog has been one of the most supportive followers of our project on WordPress!

Here is a preview of their blog!:

We are so excited to introduce you this blog and the amazing person behind it!!!

Below is our interview!:

1. What is you instragram account for your blog? Do you have any other social media for your blog?

Well I actually had my Instagram before my blog, but I decided to share some of my blog through Instagram to show my friends a few blog highlights . Before I was mainly just sharing pics of my Doberman , and a few random selfies.

2. What made you start blogging? Who or what influenced you?

I started my makeup blog after seeing so many awesome bloggers and reading reviews. I tend to wear bright and some odd lipstick colors so I wanted to show off some of my collection. A few bloggers that I visit frequently before I started blogging was Temptalia, Phyrra, and Makeup Your Mind, as well as Puckerupbabe.

My fiancé was actually the one who had suggested that I should start blogging since my makeup collection has gotten quite a bit big, bigger than before.

3. What site did you first start blogging on? Is it the same today? If it has changed, why do you think this happened?

Well I read on a few other blogs on how to start and WordPress was brought up quite a bit . I thought since I was just starting out that WordPress was easy and simple enough for me. I will probably stay with WordPress until I need to get a bigger domain.

4. What did you start blogging about? Is it the same today?

Well my first reviews were lip colors, I would like to keep doing lip products, but I’ve found myself doing eyeshadows, mascaras, and even a mascara remover. I think in the future I would like to do face masks too. For the most part, I want to focus on colorful makeup products, but I may have a few random posts as well.

5. What is your process like when you prepare for a new blog post?

Well I try to get draft IT up first, at least the title, then usually pictures. To be honest, I’m still experimenting with lighting, angles, and all that fun stuff .

I find making lists first of what products or ideas I want to blog about beforehand helps.

6. What do you enjoy about blogging?

I would say probably interacting with my audience, going out and finding others blogs, and seeing what they have to say.

I’m still relatively small, but I’ve met some really nice people who have been helpful and have given me some tips as well. Both on WordPress and Instagram . I really like the sense of community.

7. What motivates you to keep blogging?

Well, I always liked playing around with makeup, different looks, colors, etc. And I think that, at the moment, its nice to showcase what I have and how I use it .

I’m not the greatest with makeup, but I love playing around and learning.

Plus, I feel like there is a need for more Hispanic/Latina voices. Not that there is a lack of, but I would love to see more diversity in makeup blogging.

8. What has your experience been like blogging online?

I would say its been very positive.

I’ve met some really nice people and look forward to writing more blog posts.

I have a few that I’m working on at the moment. I hope to improve my pictures and even my writing ability.

9. What is your advice to aspiring bloggers considering to start their own blog?

Probably to have make a list of the what they are interested in talking about. Always write up drafts, and be sure that the topic you are blogging about is something you really like.

Plus don’t be shy and talk to fellow bloggers in your genre.

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