Meet the Artist: @isida2009

Welcome back!!

This time we are back with a super sweet artist who likes to dance!! We love that!! We are complex human beings who enjoy various forms of art!!

For this reason, we are so excited to share this interview with @isida2009 !!

We met @isida2009 when we kindly asked to animate one of their beautiful pieces! They were so kind and generous that we had to come back and ask for an interview!!

Below is the beautiful piece we animated! (Check out our Instagram for the animation)

Below is our interview!:

1. What is your IG account? Do you have any other social media accounts for your art?

My instagram is @isida2009. I don’t have any other art accounts.

2. What was the first art piece that you remember impacted you and inspired you to make art?

I love art in general, not just drawing.

I’m also a dancer and I love music!

I’m truly impacted by all kinds of art, but specifically for drawing!

Disney movies impacted me a lot as a kid. 

3. When did you realize that you enjoyed making art or when did you start making art?

If we focus on drawing only, I’ve always loved “doodling” ever since I was a child and I never really stopped.

But, I started drawing seriously about 3 years ago.

4. What style of art did you start off with and is it the same today? What else have you tried? What are your favorite styles of art?

I first started drawing  mainly fanarts, before creating my very own characters.

I still love drawing existing characters though, but in my own style now that I feel more comfortable with my art. 

5. Which is your favorite art piece you have made and why?

It extremely hard to pick one since I put a lot of myself in every piece, but I especially enjoy this one.

First because she’s a dancer, so it truly resonates in me.

Also, I like dynamic postures and colourful artworks a lot.

6. When did you decide to start a social media account for your art? Were you nervous? Excited?

I started my account about a year and a half ago.

I wasn’t too nervous about it, because the reason I opened this account was to share my passion with people who would feel connected to my drawings and what I like. 

7. How has your experience been with your social media account(s) for your art? What are the positive outcomes? Is there any negative outcomes?

I feel extremely lucky to say that I have never experienced negative outcomes regarding my art.

On the contrary, I was and still am quite surprised by all the positive comments I get about my artworks. It motivates me a lot to create even more pieces.

8. What advice would you give any artist out there who are considering sharing their art on social media?

I would recommend not to put any kind of pressure on yourself. Don’t be “obsessed” with the number of people liking your art.

And most importantly, share what makes you happy ! Don’t try to please anybody but you first. If you share your own little universe, the right people will be impacted by your art and you’ll get to meet people with the same interests.

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