TIPS AND TRICKS: Does your Makeup Sponge Bleed?

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to another storytime!

This time, I will be discussing my experience with makeup sponges/beauty blenders and the color dye found inside of them.

Like many other make up lovers like myself, we grow a collection of make up applicators like makeup sponges. I have tried off-brand versions, the original Beauty Blender company, Maybelline, Eco Tools, and more! I have a variety of colors, including pink, black, and orange.

When I first started using this new method of applying make up, I was being cheap in some ways by buying off-brand blenders. But, in other ways, I was trying to find out if I liked them at all and if I was going to be good at using them (I don’t think anyone is an expert at first try but if you don’t like it, you just don’t).

Personally, I enjoyed using them and continue to try new versions of them. I recently tried the velvet makeup sponge! Review coming soon…

I have bought most of my makeup sponges from Amazon. This was my first time realizing that if the item is on Amazon’s best sellers list, it does not automatically mean that they are the best quality product out there! What it actually means is that a lot of people enjoyed the product for the price that it was. The original beauty blender goes for $20, so anything lower than that seems preferable for many of us. It is certainly not the best strategy when looking for a product that will meet all your standards of what a great product is. I finally bought my first beauty blender a few months ago and was surprised by what happened next…

One day, after cleaning my sponges in a bowl of water, I noticed a pink dye coming off my new pink beauty blender sponge. I was a not surprised by the scene because I had seen it happen with my off-brand makeup sponges. What I was surprised about was that it was happening with an expensive beauty blender.

Before, I had made the decision to throw away the bleeding beauty blenders. I was under the assumption that they were horribly made blenders. I was wrong. I thought I was suckered for a product that didn’t work, but I was wrong.

I did some research online and found out how normal the experience actually was!! In fact, the original Beauty Blender is known for it!

Find link here:

It turns out, this is quite common and safe for you to use again!

So the next time you want throw away your blenders because, like me, you think you were suckered to a badly made product, DON’T!!! Do a little research and you may find out you are in the clear!

As always, keep making that beautiful art♡

Review by: LatinaChika

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