Meet the Cosplayer: @Chaotic_Charisma

Welcome back everyone!

Today, we have an interview with an amazing cosplayer, @Chaotic_Charisma!

We had the pleasure of collaborating with @Chaotic_Charisma when we animated this amazing cosplay piece (Check out our Instagram page for actual animation):


Below is our interview:

  1. What is your Instagram for your cosplay? Do you have any other social media accounts where you share your cosplay?

Instagram is my main cosplay account. I’ve had this account since 2015, but it was not always a cosplay account. It actually used to be for art.

I used to do Cosplay Amino (an app), but I no longer use it.

I do use Tik Tok for cosplay vids, but its not my main social media account either.

  1. When did you become interested in cosplaying? What influenced you or who influenced you?

I started getting interested back in 2013 when I used to watch CMV’s for AX (AnimeExpo) and Comic-con.

I realized that, “Hey, I could do this one day! Why not not try!”

3. When did you begin to do cosplay?

Officially, I started back in November of 2013, but I do not count the first year, as most of it was just me messing around.

But 2013 is the earliest time I did it!

  1. Who helped you with your cosplay?

I was pretty much doing it solo for the first 2 years.

I used a lot of blogs and youtube videos to help.

It wasn’t until 2015-2016 that I started branching out and meeting people who have now helped me become a pillar in my cosplay life!

  1. Which was your 1st cosplay outfit? What was the process like putting it together?

Technically, my first was Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter,

However, anime wise, it was Gumi Megpoid (vocaloid) or Moka Akashiya. I basically-Thrifted the whole thing and used a lot of hot glue!


  1. Which is your favorite cosplay and why?

My favorite has to be…

… that’s hard…

Maybe my Mary Jane Watson (Spiderman) cause its comfortable or my Jolyne Kujo (JJBA) cosplay since it is so much fun!

  1. Do you do cosplay events or competitions? Do you have a favorite you like to attend and why?

I don’t do competions yet. But, this year, I’ll actually be entering a lot of them! My friend has looped me into doing them, so hopefully it will be nice!

I have, however, attended many conventions. I want to say twenty plus!

Currently, my favorite con is Wizard World Comic-con and Kumoricon!

  1. Do you make or buy your cosplay? Or maybe both? Do you have any stores or sellers you highly recommend to aspiring cosplayers?

I do both!

I make mostly everything now since for me it is more fun and cheaper! But, I do buy wigs or smaller pieces like jewelry!

Thrifting, Amazon, local shops are the best for starting cosplayers!

  1. What do you enjoy about cosplay?

I love the process of making everything, feeling it, seeing it come to life, and finally completing it.

I also love the makeup aspect of it, the cosplay breakdown, and doing photoshoots.

I love editing and having fun with friends too!

It is all a great experience!

  1. What has your experience been like sharing your cosplay online?

Its been rocky but, overall, fun!

It has been an up-and down-experience, trying to get recognized and such.

But somewhere around 2017, I stopped caring about numbers, cause it is more about the experiences/memories you make.

I have met so many amazing and talented people in the cosplay community. I have made so many connections and friends I never thought I could have. And the overwhelming support I get is amazing and has blown me away!

Yes, there is some people who are negative and leave hateful comments, but they are only minor part of the experience online compared to everything else!

  1. Do you have any advice for aspiring cosplayers considering sharing their cosplay online?

Everyone should do what they want!

It is there for fun and for making friends, so please don’t look at the numbers and don’t take hate comments to heart.

Cosplay is for having fun and enjoying something you like!

Take your time if you need it, con-crunch is not worth the stress, and cosplay the things you want! There is no need to bandwagon or do things you don’t wanna, you don’t have to make cosplays, buy, wear wigs or makeup, just do what makes you happy!

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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Wow those are some pretty cool cosplaying !

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