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Meet the Cosplayer: @Chaotic_Charisma

1.What is your Instagram for your cosplay? Do you have any other social media accounts where you share your cosplay?

Instagram is my main cosplay account. I’ve had this account since 2015, but it was not always a cosplay account. It actually used to be for art.

I used to do Cosplay Amino (an app), but I no longer use it.

I do use Tik Tok for cosplay videos, but its not my main social media account either.

2.When did you become interested in cosplaying? What influenced you or who influenced you?

I started getting interested back in 2013 when I used to watch CMV’s for AX (AnimeExpo) and Comic-con.

I realized that, “Hey, I could do this one day! Why not not try!”

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