Meet the Artist: @SerendipityTheArtist

Welcome back everyone!

This time we have an interview with the amazing artist @SerendipityTheArtist !!!

We first had the pleasure to work with @SerendipityTheArtist for an animation of one of their beautiful pieces found below (Check out our instagram account for the actual animation):

We fell in love with their art at first sight and it has been such amazing experience working with them!

We hope you enjoy their amazing interview!

Below is their interview:

1. What is your IG account? Do you have any other social media accounts for your art?

My instagram account is @serendipitytheartist, but I am also active on twitter as @serendessa.

I have a Facebook page that is Serendipity The Artist. I also post on TikTok and YouTube from time to time under the same name.

2. What was the first art piece that you remember impacted you and inspired you to make art?

I remember being inspired by artists like Lisa Frank as a child and I was also super attracted to sparkly and colorful things and still am!

3. When did you realize that you enjoyed making art or when did you start making art?

I started making art in preschool! I loved it ever since I started making it! My mom used to keep a giant stack of paper and some fingerpaints and markers in my room for me when I was little.

4. What style of art did you start off with and is it the same today? What else have you tried? What are your favorite styles of art?

I think the first actual art style I remember trying was Archie Comic book style when I was like 12 years old and, obviously, my art is extremely different from when I first started!

I also got into realism and anime style.

I’ve tried many different art styles over the years.

My favorite style of art is my current style which is popsurrealism. I find it is the perfect mix of fantasy and realism.

5. Which is your favorite art piece you have made and why?

My favorite art piece is probably my oil painting titled “Comatose” and its because I spent a lot of time on it rendering all the details and I really like the concept!

6. When did you decide to start a social media account for your art? Were you nervous? Excited?

I started my social media accounts around 2015. I was mostly just excited, I was never nervous to post my art on social media. My friends encouraged me to start posting my art.

7. How has your experience been with your social media account(s) for your art? What are the positive outcomes? Is there any negative outcomes?

My experience with my social media accounts has been amazing actually!

I’ve recieved so much encouragement and support for my art!

Social media also enables me to make an income as an artist which I am so grateful for!

Every once in a while I will see a mean comment or encounter a rude person, but for the most part social media has been an entirely positive experience for me!

8. What advice would you give any artist out there who are considering sharing their art on social media?

My advice for any artist considering sharing their art on social media is… DO IT! It’s amazing!

And don’t be scared to interact with others!

The majority of the interactions you will have on social media will be positive and don’t let the few rude people stop you from sharing your wonderful art with the world!

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