Meet The Cosplayer: @karcel_cosplays

Hi everyone!

Today, we have an amazing interview with cosplayer, @karcel_cosplays !

The first time we collaborated with @karcel_cosplays was when we animated this amazing shot! (Actual animation can be found on our Instagram page):

We are so excited to bring you such a fun interview!

Below is our interview:

1. What is your Instagram for your cosplay? Do you have any other social media accounts where you share your cosplay?

My cosplay Instagram is @karcel_cosplays. I don’t usually share my cosplays on other platforms, if I do, it’s my personal Facebook.

2.When did you become interested in cosplaying? What influenced you or who influenced you?

Cosplaying has always been something I’ve been interested in for as long as I can remember. Halloween was always my favorite holiday. Even as a kid, I would plan my costumes well in advance.

I didn’t officially start until 2017. I put together a really great Halloween costume for my husband and me (we were Jon Snow and his wolf, Ghost) and my friend said, “you should take that to a con.” The rest is history!

3.When did you begin to do cosplay?

Offically, 2017.

4. Who helped you with your cosplay?

I have a group of friends I like to cosplay with, specifically my friend Naomi (@thattallprincess) – She’s my cosplay ride or die.

5. Which was your 1st cosplay outfit? What was the process like putting it together?

My first official cosplay was Ghost the Dire Wolf from Game of Thrones. My version was Ghost personified, so I bought a long white dress, a white wig, red contact lenses and made these massive wolf ears that are kind of reminiscent of a crown. It was very regal.

6. Which is your favorite cosplay and why?

My favorite cosplay so far would have to be Sansa Stark (another Game of Thrones character) – She’s one of my all-time favorite female characters. She was put through the ringer at times and she prevailed. She’s very resilient and I can relate to that.

7. Do you do cosplay events or competitions? Do you have a favorite you like to attend and why?

I go to cons!

WonderCon is my favorite! Since it’s put on by ComicCon, you get a lot of the same stuff, but way less people!

8. Do you make or buy your cosplay? Or maybe both? Do you have any stores or sellers you highly recommend to aspiring cosplayers?

I like to buy. I’m a lazy cosplayer. But I will make things if I can’t find them for sale. I really like to commission other artists before I buy from a costume shop. Or I like to buy things secondhand.

9. What do you enjoy about cosplay?

It’s fun to channel another energy! It allows you to be anyone, anywhere, anytime.

10. What has your experience been like sharing your cosplay online?

It’s been very positive. My following is still really small though, so who knows if that will change.

11. Do you have any advice for aspiring cosplayers considering sharing their cosplay online?

Just do it!

It’s cliché, I know. But truly, if you want to share your work, do it. Don’t hold back.

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