Meet the Cosplayer: @kuramachaan

Welcome back to another interview for our “MEET THE ARTIST” series!

Today, we have an interview with an amazing cosplayer, @kuramachaan !

We first collaborated with @kuramachaan when we animated this beautiful photoshoot (actual animation can be found on our Instagram page):

Below is our fun interview:

1. What is your Instagram for your cosplay? Do you have any other social media accounts where you share your cosplay?

Instagram is my main platform for my cosplay pictures.

Sometimes, I also ) share my pictures on Facebook or with a tutorial on Youtube.

2.When did you become interested in cosplaying? What influenced you or who influenced you?

I became interested in 2015.

I saw some videos on Youtube about cosplay and started to get into this hobby.

3. When did you begin to do cosplay?

I began to do cosplay at the beginning of 2016.

4. Who helped you with your cosplay?

Nobody helped me!


I’ve done it all by my own!

I have watched many tutorials!

5. Which was your 1st cosplay outfit? What was the process like putting it together?

My first cosplay was Killua from Hunterxhunter. It wasn’t hard to get. I randomly found clothes that fits.

6. Which is your favorite cosplay and why?

My favorite cosplay?!

I don’t really have one because it’s changing everytime when I get a new one!


7. Do you do cosplay events or competitions? Do you have a favorite you like to attend and why?


Me and some friends are organizers of a convention named Kitaumicon. This is also one of my favorite conventions. My dance group always there to show some choreography!

8. Do you make or buy your cosplay? Or
maybe both? Do you have any stores or sellers you highly recommend to aspiring cosplayers?

I do both.


I mostly go to the nearest store named Tedox. They do have some fabrics but, sadly, not much.

Sometimes I go to fabric markets.

9. What do you enjoy about cosplay?

I enjoy trying something new. I love to be creative and try out new makeup!

10. What has your experience been like sharing your cosplay online?

At first, it wasn’t something important to me.

But now, it is!

I love to share my work with others!

11. Do you have any advice for aspiring cosplayers considering sharing their cosplay online?

Do whatever you want to do!

Don’t even give a f**k about the haters!


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