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I TRIED IT… LUSH T’eo Aluminum Free Deodorant

By: LatinaChika and LatinoChiko

Today, we are trying something new!

Are you ready???

For this review, LatinoChiko tried the winner of  the Battle of the Aluminum Free Deodorants between the LUSH deodorant and PIPERWAI deodorant. Below is his experience with LUSH deodorant, will he be just as impressed??

The Goal:

I decided to try the LUSH deodorant since LatinaChika had such a positive review for it a few weeks ago. I have been on the lookout for a new deodorant and I was open to trying handmade deodorant since I have used manufactured deodorants for so long.

One of the deodorants I have used religiously is  Degree’s UltraClear Black+White Men’s deodorant.

DEGREE claims to be anti-yellow stains and anti-white marks, but both statements have not held truth for me. Misleading labeling at its best…

The reason this deodorant has been my go-to is due to its affordability in bulk at Costco. They sell a pack of 5 of these particular deodorants for around $13. This pack lasts me over six months and it helps a lot in terms of saving money for other necessities.

Unfortunately, overtime, this deodorant turned my white shirts into yellow spotted shirts! This deodorant also stained all my dark colored shirts! I just dealt with throughout the years, so when LatinaChika shared her experience, I was inspired to purchase it.

For this review, I wanted to find out if the product would hold up as a men’s deodorant as well as it did for LatinaChika.

So let’s see how her review holds up for me the same. I used the product for an entire week and have based this review from this experience.


The product cost me $10.75 plus tax at Santa Monica’s LUSH store.


Day 1 of T’eo Deodorant:

I did not buy the metal container like LatinaChika did, so I am just going to have to be super careful with it. It is easy to use, but it is a little flakey/dusty. Easy to clean up, which I am happy about.

I also like the way the deodorant bar immediately sticks onto your armpit areas and does not leave any marking on your shirts! So far, I am impressed.

Let’s see how it goes as the day progresses!

At end of Day 1 of T’eo Deodorant:

My arm pit does NOT smell like anything. Nothing at all!

The actual scent from the powder is really strong in the morning, so I would wish it would smell like that all day.

I did not work out today, so I don’t know if it would last me for my workout days.

DAY 4:

I used this deodorant on my workout day and it did not survive.

I did not smell, but it also did not prevent me from sweating like my Dove deodorant.



The deodorant does smell really good when is it first applied. It is easy and fast to apply. It also fast to clean up because it is a little dusty. The scent is just so fresh, I did not mind the smell at all.


Unfortunately, it did not survive my work outs.

Also, it was a little pricey for deodorant. Although, I do not know how long this bar will last me. It may last me a few months, but not necessarily what I need. LatinaChika said it lasted her a few months.

Would I buy it again?

No…. sorry, LatinaChika…

BUT, would I appreciate it as a gift from LatinaChika? Yes!

SCORE: 3/10

Honestly, this review just reminds us that we are not all the same like companies would like us to be. It would be so much easier if one product worked the same for everyone, but that is just not true. We hope this helps with your own journey in finding the products that works best for your body, this is just our experiences, it may not hold truth for you.



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