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The Battle of… the Aluminum-Free Deodorants: Piperwai vs Lush

By: LatinaChika

Welcome back to the Battle of… the aluminum-free deodorants!

This battle will be between Piperwai (as seen on SharkTank) and LUSH T’EO Deodorant. By the end of this battle, you should have a better idea of which product fits your needs the best!

The battle has begun…


A few years ago, I had issues with my armpits and the deodorants I was using. Since I was teenager, my deodorants would not last me all day. I tried gel deodorants and I tried spray bottle deodorants. I still could not find a deodorant I was happy with, I just dealt with it until my mid-20s.

In my mid-20s, my armpits began to get red rashes and horrible bumps. At first, I thought it was in-grown hairs from shaving and razor burns. I stopped shaving for a months and my armpits did not get any better, they progressively got worst. It was then that I decided to put nothing on my armpits and refrain from shaving (it was so hard!!!).

During this time, I turned to online search engines, skin care chatrooms, women’s self care chatrooms, blogs, anything! (This is where I also decided I wanted to blog and share my own journey with self care) It was here that I was recommended to LUSH deodorant products. I also bumped into the SharkTank product, Piperwai.


I used Paperwai for 2-3 years and I have been using the LUSH deodorant for a year.

Below are my opinions and experiences with both of these products…


A charcoal activated deodorant that neutralizes odor and absorbs moisture. Does not have aluminum, parabens, or synthetic fragrances.


I needed a product that was aluminum free. I knew my armpits were not going to let me abuse them like that anymore. I really liked the passion and drive of the founders, who mentioned cancer in the family drove them to make a cancer free type product.

The clay component was different and I was not ready to use powders. It never irritated my skin!!!


The deodorant lasted a good portion of my day. But, eventually, the deodorant did not last me more than 3 to 4 hours. It is also a dark color, so it began to stain my lighter colored shirts, but not a dark black color, just leaving a light colored spot. I also began to notice how quickly I went through it and how much I was spending monthly. I was not fully satisfied, so I finally decided to try powder deodorant…


A deodorant that consists of sweat absorbing powders and odor neutralizing essential oils, such as tea tree, juniper berry, and lemongrass. The product claims to be vegan and from fresh ingredients.


It works amazing, even the next day!! I am still in shock by how strong this product and yet how little I need to put on! I bought the T’eo deodorant because it is made for beginners in a bar-type form. I am so happy I did! I also bought the tin that you can store it in. It is pricey, but you need something to safely keep it safe from breaking.

Honestly, I was afraid the white powder would mess my shirts, but it doesnt’t! It somewhat disappears after you blend it!I also love the smell. The lemongrass seems to be strong.


Honestly, I don’t have one!

I have recently run into a problem with this product. Due to the dust-like consistency this product is primarily made of, it dried out my armpits completely. My underarms began to get irritated and red until it actually became a bit raw looking. My suggestion is not to use this product daily. I would balance it with a deodorant that is more nourishing to the skin than dry. This product worked amazing until it began to irritate my skin. I stopped using it after my showers and apply it throughout the day as a back-up to my deodorant.

If you have had similar experiences, I do apologize for that. I had used it for months without an issue, but I think it gradually began to dry out my armpits. An unfortunate side effect. I was able to solve the issue with coconut oil application every night under my armpits before bed for a month. It brought my skin back to life and relieved me from the redness that had taken over in that area.


The winner of this match is LUSH T’EO deodorant!!

Although, we did have an issue with it drying our armpit skin too much, it can be used throughout the day with a more oily or waxy deodorant to stay fresh throughout the day. For some, one deodorant application is enough and, for others, we need to apply deodorant more than once a day.



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