Meet the Blogger: @ladivina.latina

Welcome back everyone to another interview for our “Meet the Artist” series!

We are so excited because today we have an interview with an amazing blogger, stylist, and model, @ladivina.latina !

We first collaborated with @ladivina.latina when we animated one of her amazing photoshoots!

Below is the photo (Check out our Instagram page for the actual animation):

She was so sweet and absolutely supportive of our work! We appreciate her amazing energy and support very much!

This is why we wanted to interview @ladivina.latina and we hope you enjoy her energy too!

Below is our interview:

1. What is you instragram account for your blog? Do you have any other social media for your blog?
My Instagram account is @ladivina.latina (
You can also find me on Facebook:

2. What made you start blogging? Who or what influenced you?
I started blogging in 2014 around the time I started modeling as a plus-size model.

I remember wanting to talk about plus-size fashion and my journey as an aspiring plus-size model.

I read blogs from Gabi Fresh to Garner Style that resonated for me. I saw women like me being unapologetically themselves.

Since then, my blog has grown and I use my platforms to discuss topics like body positivity and Latinx heritage. I’ve collaborated with Latinx brands and creatives to amplify and support their work. It’s the best part of this whole experience!

I connect with some amazing mujeres!

3. What site did you first start blogging on? Is it the same today? If it has changed, why do you think this happened?
I started blogging on WordPress and it is still the platform that I use.

However, my blog name has changed.

My blog was called Curvy Trend and that changed to La Divina Latina.

For me, it had to do with the transition of my space to be one for the Latinx and WoC communities. Being of Mexican heritage is a huge part of my identity and I wanted it to be known that it’s an important part.

4. What did you start blogging about? Is it the same today?
I started blogging about plus-size fashion and my modeling endeavors initially.

Then, that grew into talking more about my work with Latinx brands and creatives. I wanted to feature creatives and showcase their work as a writer, an artist, a craftmaker, or business owner because I truly believe in their work and I feel like sometimes they can go under the radar when you have these big brands.

Big brands throw thousands if not millions of dollars into advertising, which is something small Latinx or PoC business owners cannot afford.

I advocate so strongly to shop small, local, and WoC or Latinx businesses because of this and because I believe in the quality of their work.

It’s something near and dear to my heart and if I have a platform to amplify their work, which I love, then why not?

5. What is your process like when you prepare for a new blog post?
I love to jot ideas down on my note on my phone.

I start off with a broad idea like Latinx Summer Essentials List or a movie review about a topic pertaining to Latinx heritage that I want to discuss.

From there, I write a draft and a rewrite as many times as needed until I am confident in the work I am publishing.

I try not to take more than 5 days to work on a blog unless I am waiting for content from someone I am featuring or interviewing for my blog.

I could rewrite until the end of time and then nothing would get published!

6. What do you enjoy about blogging?
I enjoy writing about topics I am really passionate about and I think my readers can sense that when I write.

If I have no interest in it, my work isn’t as good and it shows.

I am focused only on writing about topics I want rather than writing about something I really just can’t connect with.

There are plenty of opportunities for bloggers to get paid or sponsorship’s to write a feature on a product, brand, TV show, etc.

If I can’t support the product or brand, then I am not going to collaborate on that paid gig.

I want to get paid for my work of course as a model or writer, but not if I can’t stand behind who I partner with.

7. What motivates you to keep blogging?
My community motivates me to keep writing. We are never going to have enough spaces for brown people to talk.

We need more and we need to hear different voices!

8. Which is your favorite blog post and why?
I wrote a blog about one of my favorite movies Real Women Have Curves and it’s titled Six Lessons from Real Women Have Curves. It was published in an online magazine publication Curvy Connect.

I think a lot of Latinas can relate to the main character, Ana, and her relationship with her overly critical mom.

It touches on a lot of experiences as Latinas in the workplace, machismo, family dynamics, the wage gap, racism and discrimination, body-shaming, and interracial relationships. There’s a lot there to talk about and expand on.

As a gordita, I haven’t seen another film that really made my feel like I was seen and understood as a young Latina and what I went through growing up and what I still go through now that I am in my 30’s.

9. What has your experience been like blogging online?
It’s been a great experience because it allows me to have a platform to voice what’s important to me and what I feel my readers would love to talk about as well.

I’ll have more conversations over direct messages from someone who read my blog than within a comment on the thread. It allows me to connect on a personal level with people who follow my work and that’s an experience that is just so special.

10. What is your advice to aspiring bloggers considering to start their own blog?
Go for it!

Start writing and talking about whatever you want to talk about.

If you change your mind on your blog name or what topics you want to write about, that’s okay.

You have the creative freedom to write about what you are truly passionate about and change your mind and change it again if you need to.

Don’t be pressured too much on branding. It’s important to brand, yes, but remember this is also a creative medium. Do not lose sight of that.

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