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Meet the Photographer: @portraits.n.cosplay

Welcome back everyone!

Today, we have a very special person who we are interviewing!! It is the first one of its kind!

When we started this blog, we never imagined the turns it would take! We started with make up and somehow ended up in the amazing place we are now!

When we first started exploring other possibilities for our blog, we bumped into animation! Latinachika is very tech savvy and worked with photoshop all her youth. When the opportunity presented itself, we both agreed it was a perfect fit!

The first animations we did were for artists. We loved it!!

But, then, we realized we could do so much more!

We had been following a particular cosplay photographer and decided we wanted to try one of his photos and that is no other than @portraits.n.cosplay!

He was so kind and asked questions that made us feel like we were actually building friendships finally!!

He taught us to have real conversations with people and to always just ask!

We appreciate his guidance and friendship very much!

The first photo we animated of his is of an amazing cosplayer @mayan.goddess! (Keep an eye out for her upcoming interview!) Below is the image (Check out our Instagram page for the actual animation):

From this one collaboration, we made two new amazing friends!!! @portraits.n.cosplay connected all of us and he does it purposefully and happily!

We continue to do amazing collaborations and he continues to introduce us to new people!

He is just an amazing person and we are so honored to have had the chance to interview him and the have the privilege to share this story with you all!

Check out our interview in the follow pages!

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