Meet the Artist: @emma.g_art

Welcome back!

Today, we have an interview with an amazing artist @emma.g_art !

We first collaborated to animate this beautiful piece of theirs! (Check out our Instagram page to see actual animation):

Below is our fun interview:

1. What is your IG account? Do you have any other social media accounts for your art?

My Instagram account is just someghing I created to dump all my art since I didn’t want to mix it in with my personal account, but it’s developed into something bigger over time.

Still, I’d call it just a gallery of my weird imagination that I should add to more frequently. I have another account, @strawberry._.laces where I post more cartoony art.

2. What was the first art piece that you remember impacted you and inspired you to make art?

The first art piece that sticks in my mind was a half finished canvas painting of some lilies that my mum painted when I was little and I thought it looked so beautiful and just like a photo so I started to draw flowers and fruit, rather than just made up things.

3. When did you realize you enjoyed making art or when did you start making art?

I’ve drawn for as long as I can remember, it was always always always my favorite thing to do!

4. What style of art did you start off with and is it the same today? What else have you tried? What are your favorite styles of art?

I’d say I started off with realism. Obviously, it was not very good realism because I was little but through my eyes it looked uncanny.

Realism is still what I make the most of, but I’ve also done some anime style stuff and currently a lot of fantasy things, very stylised realism.

5. What is your process like making a new art piece?

My process is just grab a pencil, start scribbling shapes and positions as I think, and develop them from there. I always listen to music and use lots of random reference photos to try to form some kinda new image.

6. Which is your favorite art piece you have made and why?

My favorite art piece I’ve made is currently maybe a drawing representing Aquarius as part of a zodiac series I’m working on (very slowly evidently). I just like the colours a lot and it’s kind of a new style for me.

7. When did you decide to start a social media account for your art? Were you nervous? Excited?

Pretty sure I was 15 when I started. I didn’t think it would grow much because I’d tried using Deviantart before and no one really found me, but over the years I’ve been so grateful for many nice comments and messages from people.

8. How has your experience been with your social media account(s) for your art? What are the positive outcomes? Is there any negative outcomes?

My experience with posting my art online has so far been good. I’m grateful for all the support I’ve received from people.

So far, I’ve not received any mean comments. The only negative side to it for me is feeling the pressure to post art more often and consistently. Lately, I’ve not posted much and I feel bad about it. But I remind myself that it’s my account, there are no expectations, it’s just for fun.

9. What advice would you give any artist out there who are considering sharing their art on social media?

My only advice would be to be unapologetically you. No matter if you think your art is bad, weird, not good enough. You’ve gotta own it and tell yourself that it belongs where you post it, no doubting yourself!

Art is meant to be enjoyed and there is no right or wrong, the only thing that can take away the fun is your own criticism.

Everyone can find an audience so never be afraid to show your art, you might even inspire others to do the same!

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