Battle of… Makeup Brush Washers!

Welcome back to another review for our “Battle of…” series!

Today, we have the Battle of… makeup brush washers!

The two products that will be battling it out are…

  1. ALI’VER Makeup Brush Automatic Cleaning Washer Machine
  2. BMK Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

We decided to try out these two particular makeup brush washers because they had made a splash in sales this year!

Many of us have seen the videos of various makeup artists and social media makeup gurus trying out the cute little pink washer machine (intended for use as a toy) with their makeup brushes and makeup sponges. We had to try it!

The BMK makeup brush washer and dryer was actually recommended by a model/reality star/ business woman, Jordyn Woods! A video of her using a product similar to the one we are reviewing today surfaced on the internet and we had to try it!

The Products:

The ALI’VER makeup brush washer machine requires warm water and a makeup brush liquid cleaner of your choice. Once you have filled the washer machine with the warm water and soap, you dip your brush into the washer machine WITHOUT touching the bottom of the washer machine. Lastly, pull the little pump down onto a sink and dump the dirty water out.

And although in the directions it does not mention makeup sponges, we have seen plenty of videos of people throwing their smaller makeup sponges into the washer machine as well.

The BMK makeup brush washer and cleaner requires you to check that everything is ready before you start. The most important part of this washer and dryer is it’s spinner tool where you attach the makeup brushes. First, you must make sure you have the batteries that work inside the tool. You can turn on the tool and see if the end (which is an attachment) is spinning.

Then, you grab the makeup brush you would like to clean and measure its end to the provided black plastic holders that attach to the spinner’s end. This product claims to accommodate 95% of makeup brushes in the market.

Once you have secured your makeup brush onto the spinner, you insert the makeup brush into the bowl provided that contains the water and soap. Similar to the washer machine, you do not touch the bottom of the container with your brush, you must let it spin in the water.

Once you have cleaned the makeup brush in the bowl and let it spun for at least 15 seconds. Then, you must empty the dirty water with clean water and re-insert the makeup brush to make sure all the soap is off and any left over make up. You do this for 15 seconds as well.

Lastly, you empty the bowl and re-insert the brush into the bowl and let it spin for 15 seconds to dry off the brush.

To be clear, this product does NOT clean makeup sponges.


ALI’VER Makeup Brush Washer Machine


  • it’s cute!
  • The pump on its side works!


  • it is absolutely not a makeup brush cleaner!
  • I turned it on and the water swirled and bubbled which seemed promising. Unfortunately, I dunked my makeup brush into it for at least a minute and it came back out almost identical to how it went in!
  • My makeup sponge swirled for a little in the washer, but it quickly stopped spinning even though it was a mini sponge and fit perfectly inside the washer machine.
  • And since the top cannot be closed during the wash, it can also become a little messy with dirty water around the area in which you place the washer machine.

BMK Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer


  • It fit 100% of my makeup brushes! There is so many options of sizes for holders that I was able to fit all of my makeup brushes! But, I would like to mention that I do not have any special bottoms on my brushes. All of my brushes are round tipped. I own EcoTools brushes, Anastasia Beverly Hills brushes, MAC brushes, and off-brand brushes I have collected over the years.
  • The power of the spinner allows for all of your brush to extend outward and allow the water and soap to seep into the brush really well. One of the most impressive things this washer was able to do was to extend a makeup brush I had used for a very thick foundation and had left to dry instead of washing it immediately after use. These kinds of brushes take me the longest to clean out the product and finally see the brush itself and soften it back to its original feel. Even the biggest kabuki can be spun into this bowl!
  • The amount of time it takes for brushes to try is truly under a minute! I was quite pleased with the dryer component of this product the most.
  • Although this cleaning method was successful, I would say the brushes get 70-80% cleaned. Which is really impressive when you do not touch the makeup brush once.
  • It is a clean process as long as you have a designated cup or holder for your soapy brushes before you dump the water and add clean water to clean off the soap.


  • As mentioned, the attachment will not accommodate brushes that are shaped differently, such as mermaid fins, hearts, etc.
  • I did not clean my double sided brushes with this tool because I was concerned with damaging the tip that is not being washed inside the holder. I am sure you could do it, but I was too afraid to ruin them.
  • The brushes needed to spin to longer than 15 seconds to get clean.
  • You must use some strength to hold the spinner tool on top of the bowl at an even angle so the brush successfully spreads out in the water. If not, the brush will just spin out of control in your hand inside of the bowl. Although the brush is still spinning in that sense, it does not fully extend it as it should to get water and soap into all crevices of your brush.
  • Honestly, to compensate for the 20-30% of makeup remaining on the brush, I still bring out my makeup brush cleaner rubber mat. I add a little soap to the mat and rub the brush onto it. I can truly say that the process takes less time than before and the makeup actually comes off easier since I pre-washed it with the spinner tool and bowl. Lastly, I still place my brushed onto a drying tray and spray alcohol on them to disinfect them.
  • It is not perfect for travel because of all the components it has compared to just traveling with your makeup brush liquid or bar soap and a makeup brush cleaning mat. But, it is as bulky as lets say your hair dryer during travel.
1) Before the wash, 2) After Wash, 3) After second wash on makeup brush mat


The winner of this battle is without a doubt BMK Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer!

Even though, I still found myself using my old method of cleaning my makeup brushes, this product still helped immensely during the wash and especially during the drying period. Normally, it takes my brushes a day or two to fully dry. Now, it takes them less than an hour! This is only because, as I mentioned, I spray my brushes at the end with alcohol. If I didn’t do this, the brushes would be dry in less than a minute! I plan to continue to use this product. It honestly cut my washing time from an hour and a half to less than an hour! I am really happy with this product and would purchase it as a gift for a loved one this holiday season!

SCORE: 8.5/ 10

We hope this helps! Leave a comment and let us know what your experience has been like!

REVIEW BY: LatinaChika

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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Lmao ! The makeup brush washing machine ! The second cleaner was pretty impressive though .

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    1. It was disappointing! LoL But, the second one is super helpful!

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      1. oliveunicorn says:

        You should do a video . It sounds hilarious 😆

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